9 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Customer Experience

Here at Voxpopme we love Twitter and we’re guessing that you do too. To help you navigate through the sea of characters and hashtags we’ve picked out 9 of the CX big dogs who we feel deserve a follow because they offer tons of CX wisdom.

Josie Javier Garde 


Klout: 79

Josie Garde is a social media and community manager who is passionate about all things tech. He tweets endless interesting MRX and CX related articles. With 21 thousand followers we feel this guy knows what he is talking about.

Bill Quiseng 


Klout: 68

A whole twitter page dedicated to the latest on CX, Bill is a speaker, blogger and award winning writer on all aspects of CX. Follow Bill to stay up to date and in the loop.

Lonnie Mayne 


Klout: 39 

Lonnie is the president of inMoment (who you can follow here @WeAreInMoment) and CX evangelist. You’ll struggle not to share the passion they have for elevating customer experiences.

Annette Franz 


Klout: 66

We highly recommend you check out this CX expert and mentor. There are plenty of useful articles to browse on Annette’s feed with her own opinions thrown in there.

Shep Hyken 


Klout: 83 

Shep is a CX and customer service expert, follow him and you’re sure to pick up loads of handy CX tips

Jeanne Bliss


Klout: 64

Co-founder of Customer Experience Professionals Assoc and founder and president of CustomerBliss, Jeanne certainly knows what she is talking about.

Keith Pearce 


Klout: 50 

Here you will find daily blog posts all around CX. Keith is the VP of Genesys, a global omni-channel customer experience and contact centre solution leader.

Sheila McGee – Smith


Klout: 65 

President and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, her insight helps enterprises and solution providers develop strategies to meet the escalating demands of today’s consumer and business customers.

Stan Phelps 


Klout: 74

With 15 thousand followers Stan must be doing something right. A customer experience architect and a keynote speaker, with three CX books under his belt he definitely deserves a follow.

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