Ad Testing: John Lewis – The Man on the Moon

Last week the festive season kicked off with the arrival of the annual John Lewis Christmas advert, and the fight to have the best Christmas advert has now begun. Which means it’s incredibly important to understand how your advert has been perceived by your customer communities. At Voxpopme, we run advert testing for a number of large household brands. Collecting the voice of the customer bears witness to the effectiveness of the advert, and how it alters the perception of your brand running up to the busiest time of the year for retailers.

This year’s John Lewis advert aims to raise awareness for Age UK and the loneliness that many elderly may feel over the festive season. But did our panel feel that this year’s advert exceeded expectations or did it’s depressing themes leave some disappointed?

These members of the Voxpopme community really liked the advert and the message it portrays, with it even bringing some to tears!

“They’ve always been quite hard hitting, they’ve always got a message. I love the theme music, I think it’s a beautiful song and I really like the concept.” (Darienne, 29, Wolverhampton)

“I think this is one of the best Christmas adverts so far from John Lewis.” (Emily, 20, Stafford)

“I really love the new John Lewis advert, it’s different to previous years but they are all wonderful. It’s slightly depressing at the beginning but it’s got a great song and happy ending.” (Kerianne, 28, Crewkerne)

“I absolutely love the new John Lewis advert. I actually prefer it to last years. I did get a little bit emotional and it did bring a slight tear to my eye.” (Lisa, 30, Guildford)

Other members of the Voxpopme community felt that this advert was not as good as previous years and were left feeling slightly disappointed.

“This year I am a little disappointed by it, it isn’t as good as previous years but I like the sentiment of it.” (Abi, 34, Dronfield)

“It doesn’t touch me in the same way that the last couple of years adverts have.” (Elizabeth, 33, Sherborne)

“I think it’s pretty disappointing, it takes a long time to get into it…last year was so much better.” (Louise, 32, Gravesend)

“Actually to be honest I find it quite depressing when you compare it to the other adverts that they’ve done.” (Katie, 26, Wallsend)

These members of the Voxpopme community didn’t warm to the advert at all. Many felt that it lacked festivity and it wasn’t actually obvious that it was an advert for John Lewis.

“It’s very interesting, thought provoking, the music is wonderful but I just don’t think it tells me enough about John Lewis.” (Sam, 64, Londonderry)

“I don’t like the advert at all sorry John Lewis! I don’t think it’s festive at all compared to previous years.” (Senara, 33, Bristol)

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