Go out with a bang in 2015 – how video can supercharge your surveys.

2015 is reaching its pinnacle. At Voxpopme we know that this is the busiest season for MR professionals. So this quarter, we want to help you supercharge your surveys with video to ensure that you go out with a bang this year!

Video is honest, emotive and visual. It puts you inside the mind of the people who matter most to you. With Voxpopme, you can supercharge any survey with video for a deeper level of understanding and reports that pack a punch. We provide a way to get closer than ever to consumers and enable you to bring them right from their own homes into your boardroom.

So as the year closes in, is there a better time for you to bring consumers’ stories to life?

The benefit of bringing video into the boardroom is unprecedented. We must understand that in order to gain real insights that are full of depth and personality, that also deliver with impact, we must engage people and allow them to tell their own stories.

But rather than labour the point in text we thought we’d let real consumers do the talking in our MR themed showreel (click here). Now you can see and hear what customers really think of your brand, products, services and competitors. Understand what people REALLY think by adding Voxpopme video questions to any of your market research surveys, or you can reach out to our mobile community.

Video has long been the most powerful format for connecting individuals to the brands they love, offering companies genuine, emotive stories that bring consumer feedback to life. With Voxpopme, video is seamlessly and easily captured within any of your surveys (yes it really is only a few lines of code!).

It is also easily scalable, offering clients the ability to capture thousands of videos per month with Voxpopme’s powerful platform doing the heavy lifting for you. Large volumes of video can be analyzed in minutes, while custom showreels can be generated and shared with just a few clicks. Sharing these stories, making an impact, and driving corporate change has never been simpler.

Voxpopme’s clients have been using video to get closer in a whole range of MR studies. One particular client simply added video questions to their brand tracker, enabling them to understand why real customers’ perceptions of their brand, and those of competitors, changed over a 6 month period. Another client recently used Voxpopme’s mobile community to run an ad-hoc ad testing project to quickly test how their latest ad was received by their target market. Within 50 minutes they had 100 video responses discussing variations of their advert, all of which had been transcribed, analysed and were ready to share in edited showreels.

So the big question is, do you want to end the year on a high note and bring you customers to life? Get your next project up and running to and use emotional content to inspire action and deliver insight with greater impact. Click here to connect with us and get started.