The Volkswagen Scandal: The Voice of the Customer

Video market research enables an in-depth understanding of consumer opinion and experience. We recently ran a video research study with our customer communities in the UK and US, discovering their opinion on the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Take your quantitative research, like 7% of the customer community were now not likely to purchase a Volkswagen car, and understand “why” the community feels that way. Give the customer a voice, and let them tell their story. With the increasing amount of tech available in the market research industry, it is now easier than ever to collect and analyse video content for commercial purposes.

The VW emissions scandal has already had huge ramifications for the automotive giant but how does the end consumer feel about it? The Voxpopme customer community share their thoughts and opinions on the scandal in Voxpopme’s latest video report.

Have you considered the voice of your customer? Bring customers to life within your company. Video is now easier than ever to integrate into your quantitative research, truly understanding your customer’s experience. We have consistently found that video responses provide 5 – 6x more content in terms of character count, cover a greater number of topics and give double the depth of explanation on any given topic. Whilst this evidence certainly strengthens the case for video as a research method, video offers researchers 1 key thing, which text-based surveys cannot – emotion. This emotion can be can be used to deliver actionable insights for stakeholders.

To find out how you can run your own Market Research video feedback study, connect with us today.