Video Market Research – The 20% Sugar Tax

Voxpopme provides the ability to capture the qualitative element to your brand tracker, segmentation study and market research. With our own customer community, brands and agencies are able to target their own customer community or use ours.

We recently asked our customer community their opinion, through video, of the tax on sugar. Doctors and health officials are trying to encourage the government to place a 20% sugar tax on fizzy drinks, in order to try and combat the ever growing childhood obesity problem in the UK. We wanted to discover who from our customer community would be happy to see this tax in place and who thought of it as a useless strategy that wouldn’t discourage people from still buying the drinks.

Visual research provides an honest and emotive understanding of the individual, humanising market research. However, this rich qualitative research is no longer unattainable, time-consuming and costly. Voxpopme captures video instantly. Our solution analyses video content, which is then divided into themes, which makes the content easily digestible and usable.

“It’s a bad idea because it won’t have any effect on obesity because there are plenty of other things out there that will increase that, it’s not just coke that’s going to stop that.” (Rachel, 42, Hertford)

“I don’t think it will make any difference to obesity levels, people are going to drink fizzy drinks regardless of what price they come in at.” (Laura, 38, Aberdeen)

“People will still choose to drink sugary drinks regardless of how much they cost.” (Donna, 46, Alcester)

“I think it’s an utterly ridiculous idea, it will never do anything to stop obesity, if people are going to overeat and drink sugary drinks they will do it regardless.” (Daniel, 28, Blackpool)

Many also disagreed with the tax as they felt that it should be peoples own choice and responsibility of what they eat and drink.

“It’s your choice to eat foods which you know are not as healthy for you and I don’t think you should have to pay a tax on things because where does that stop?” (Adele, 29, Liverpool)

Others felt that this sugar tax was a good idea and would help people to make healthier drink choices. They wanted to see the money made from the tax used to make healthier alternatives cheaper and more accessible to everyone.

“I would love it if fruit and vegetables were substituted, it can be hard sometimes in this day and age to eat really fresh food and good quality fruit and vegetables.”  (Charlotte, 35, Lancaster)

“For me, the amount of sugar that is in fizzy drinks is absolutely atrocious…so for me I would like to see the government put tax on fizzy drinks.”  (Leroy, 46, Walsall)

“Fizzy drinks are a large cause of obesity and teeth problems in young children. So anything that benefits this I would back and favour.” (David, 66, Sale)

“Anything we can do to help people make healthier choices is definitely a good thing and will assist people to make healthier decisions.” (Winston, 49, Bournemouth)

Have you considered the voice of your customer? Bring customers to life within your company. Video is now easier than ever to integrate into your quantitative research, truly understanding your customer’s experience. We have consistently found that video responses provide 5 – 6x more content in terms of character count, cover a greater number of topics and give double the depth of explanation on any given topic. Whilst this evidence certainly strengthens the case for video as a research method, video offers researchers 1 key thing, which text-based surveys cannot – emotion. This emotion can be can be used to deliver actionable insights for stakeholders.