Ashley Madison – Do online cheaters deserve privacy from their discretions?

Ashley Madison, the controversial website that caters to adulterers was hacked last week. With hackers threatening to release the details of the 70 million worldwide users we asked our panel if they thought the cheaters should be exposed or do they deserve the same discretion as everyone else?


Entitled to privacy 

The panel was divided on this topic but the users below thought that even though adultery is wrong and the website is in ill-taste the users still deserve the privacy they were promised when signing up to the service.

“They are consumers at the end of the day that have signed up to a service that they’ve been promised is going to be private and confidential and so for me that is a huge breach of their rights and of their privacy.”  (Adele, 29, Liverpool)

“I think they deserve the privacy, they’ve signed up to a website that says what they will be doing in private, why has anyone got the right to hack into it and threaten to publish all of their details? (Ruth, 35, Basingstoke)

“I totally disagree with that they do but I still think they have a right to privacy, if you sign up to a website thinking it’s going to be private then it should be.” (Scarlett, 25, Stockport)

“When they signed up to that website they were told it would be private and therefore I believe that it should be kept that way, whether it’s right or wrong that the website exists.” (Emily, 20, Stafford)

Some looked at it from a legal perspective, agreeing that adultery is not illegal whereas hacking a website is, and therefore the hackers should be shut down by the police and the users should not be exposed.

“Everybody deserves privacy, regardless of whether they are cheating or not, it’s not illegal, hacking is illegal.” (Zoe, 25, Plymouth)

“As much as their behaviour is distasteful and unpleasant to their partners the bottom line is they are not doing anything illegal, immoral absolutely, illegal no.”  (Andrew, 42, Daventry)


Cheaters should be exposed 

However these users felt like the users of Ashley Madison deserved to be outed for their adultery, arguing that they should have known the risks when you sign up to anything on the internet and that their partners deserved to know about their indiscretions.

“When online you run the risk that something is going to go wrong like a website can be hacked and your details can be published so you’ve got to bear that in mind when you are online.” (Dianne, 55, Bexleyheath)

“I think the users of this site need to be named and shamed, I honestly don’t believe they warrant the same privacy laws as regular people.” (Nicky, 44, Luton)

“If they are up to no good and they get caught that’s their own fault. If they didn’t want to get caught they shouldn’t have cheated.” (Brain, 28, Keighley)

“They deserve what they get. If you’re going to cheat at the end of the day you’re running the risk in the first place, so if you get caught that’s tough.” (Daniel, 28, Blackpool)

“They know the risk they take so if they get found out that’s their problem I’m afraid, if they take the risk they have to suffer the consequences.” (John, 69, Dumfries)

“I don’t think they should have privacy as it’s not fair on their partners and families and they are entitled to know what their other halves are getting up to.” (Jennifer, 28, London)