Heathrow’s Third Runway

It was announced earlier this week that Heathrow Airport has been chosen for expansion, with plans in place to build a new 3rd runway. We asked our panel to watch a video from the CEO of Heathrow responding to the Airports Commission recommendation for Heathrow expansion and to voice their views on whether they thought the expansion would be a negative or positive attribute to the UK.

These panelists were welcoming of the expansion and all that came with it, including more jobs, more flights and opportunities to travel and of course more money for the UK economy.

“I think a 3rd runway at Heathrow is an excellent idea, it’s about time they sorted that out and got on with it.” (Geoffrey, 67, Romford)

“I think the expansion is a really good thing because it’s going to help the economy, it’s going to help jobs, it’s going to help loads of people.” (Beatrice, 19, London)

“It has to happen, it’s essential to our economy, creating jobs and there is no better place than Heathrow to have this size of project.” (Rob, 38, Colchester)

“I can only think it will be a good thing, I can’t think of any bad points what soever, it will be good for our economy and creating jobs.” (Rob, 38, Colchester)

Many felt that it was a better idea to expand an existing airport than to build a completely new one from scratch and allow more people to travel directly to far away countries.

“Heathrow is the most international airport in Europe and the UK really needs a hub where different airlines from different alliances can connect and bring passengers together.” (Damon, 35, London)

“I think it’s a really good thing because it means that the UK can connect with a lot of different countries and we can go to places directly that we couldn’t do before…it will give me more opportunities to go and see different places.” (Hannah, 21, Nailsea)

“It will probably be better for me in this region as we will have less planes circling overhead in a stacking zone waiting to land.” (Dianne, 55, Bexleyheath)

Other panelists were less happy about the thought of Heathrow being expanded. Reasons for this included the environmental impact, noise pollution and what this would mean for the motorways and immunities surrounding Heathrow. Many also felt that it would be better off extending a different airport that wasn’t in London that already had plenty.

“This is ridiculous, demolishing 750 beautiful homes and leaving these people in fear and all the noise and pollution will create a big big problem.” (Soni, 37, Vlora)

“I think the Heathrow expansion is a bad idea, because it’s not just expanding Heathrow airport but its the whole of the infrastructure around it. The M25 can barely cope at the moment let alone with more people landing and taking off from the airport.”  (Mandy, 48, Yeovil)

These users had less of an opinion on the expansion as they felt it didn’t really effect them, either they didn’t fly much or they live far enough away not to worry about the effects the new runway could have.