Apple Music

Apple have announced their latest venture, Apple music. This service is set to rival other music streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal offering the same sort of features including access to a library of music which can be streamed and downloaded to listen to when offline. We wanted to know if our panel members would be giving Apple music a go when they launch their 3 month free trail of the service in their next update. We also wanted to know if people would be prepared to leave behind their trusted Spotify and jump ship to Apple music where they would be paying around £10.00 per month for the full service.

These users said they would be happy to give Apple Music a go when they launch their free trail. Depending on the quality of the service they would then decide whether it was worth paying for and if it was better than other music streaming services available.

Many felt that Apple was a trusted and well designed brand and so felt the service they would provide would be of excellent quality and was something that they would consider switching to. They also liked the fact that Apple music would probably work seamlessly with their other Apple devices.

“I’m sure that it will be seamlessly designed to fit with all services and work really well but I can also imagine it’s probably going to come with a high price tag which would immediately put me off.” (Elizabeth, 33, Sherborne)

“To combine the Apple itunes with a music streaming service like Spotify I think is really good. Apple apps are always really good quality and very reliable and I think this will be the same.” (Stephen, 41, Wigan)

“I will use Apple because it’s a trusted brand, it will be quite reasonable, I think the connection will be safe and it will use my itunes account, so I would definitely contemplate switching to Apple.”

Other users suggested that they would not be tempted by Apple to switch and would stick with their current methods of streaming music. Many were loyal to other brands, feeling that Apple was the giant company trying to take over everything.

“Setting up a whole new system just seems like it would be quite a pain. It’s a good idea and I’m sure lots of people will use it but I personally wouldn’t.” (Lucy, 19, Bath)

“I probably won’t switch to it because I don’t just use Apple products, I use my android phone and Spotify works really well on those.” (Max, 23, Hastings)

“I don’t think I’d be tempted to move especially how you can’t transfer your playlists to Apple. I don’t use itunes at all for anything because I don’t keep my music on my computer because I don’t keep my music on my computer because all my playlists are on Spotify.” (Charlotte, 35, Lancaster)