Brand Review: Yelp

We wanted to find out how our US panel felt about, the website that lets you leave and read reviews about local places and attractions. The most popular reason for our panel using Yelp was to look up local restaurants. People felt that Yelp helped them to see the location of restaurants and the prices of their food resulting in them making a more informed decision about if they wished to visit.



“I used Yelp to search for restaurants in my area like pizza places, Italian and Chinese places. It’s really helpful and it really gives you accurate information.” (Donald, 36, Chicago)

“I recently moved to New York City not too long ago so it was really helpful to find the local places to eat, like the small places that no one knows about, so I love it for that.” (Anna, 21, Birmingham)

“I use Yelp quite often. I use it to search for restaurants and doctors. If the restaurant doesn’t have information on its website Yelp can tell you more like where it is and the cost and things like that.” (Katie, 34, Chicago)



Many mentioned that they were more likely to use Yelp when travelling and in a place which they knew little about and wanted insider knowledge. Many also thought that Yelp was only really useful when in a large city and wasn’t as useful for information in smaller towns.

“I have to say I’m slightly obsessed with Yelp. I use it every time I travel to find mostly restaurants and anything else I’m looking for like pharmacies. I don’t use it as much in my home state of Alabama as I do when on vacation.” (Jill, 48, Gardendale)

“I think Yelp is a great website to search for the best restaurants and places to shop in bigger cities, since I’m from a smaller city I know everything so it doesn’t really do much for me but when I go to larger cities I like to use it.” (Brandi, 27, Cochare)

“I prefer to use it when I’m travelling, it makes it easier to find places like restaurants or bars that we want to go to since we are not familiar with the area, it gives us a good idea of what we can expect and local people’s opinions that we might not otherwise know.” (Michelle, 33, Parma)


Fans of Yelp 

Most of the users were fans of Yelp whether it was using the website or the app version on their phones. People found the reviews left by other users particularly helpful.

“I use the mobile version quite a bit. I don’t really ever use their website. I use it for reviews but not really to search…I am a member of Yelp and I have written a couple of reviews.” (Craig, 28, Chicago)

“I recommend it to anyone that hasn’t seen it before because it’s just normal people leaving reviews and letting others know whether or not to go there for certain things. I really enjoy using Yelp and I think it’s really useful.” (Morgan, 19, Salinas)