Brand Review: Wiggle

Wiggle is a discounted online sports retailer specialising in clothes and equipment for runners and cyclists. We wanted to find out who in the VoxPopMe community had used Wiggle and what their experience had been like with them.

These users are keen cyclists and had used Wiggle to purchase items.

“I’ve shopped at Wiggle for quite a few years now. I’m a keen cyclist and I’ve just taken up a bit of running. I mainly use the store for cycling components, bits and pieces and clothing and it’s always a good experience.” (Alan, 48, Tamworth)

“As a keen cyclist I’ve shopped at Wiggle a lot over the years, so much so that at various points in time I’ve become a silver and sometimes gold member which then gives you special discounts off products that other buyers might not get.” (Ross, 29, Leeds)

“I’m a keen cyclist so I have shopped at Wiggle. It’s a great place for buying bike parts. I think the last thing I bought was a really really nice racing saddle which was quite high spec. They sell really good stuff.” (David, 52, Southam)

These users were fans of the Wiggle brand and liked the youthful and fun feel to the brand.

“The brand is quite new and funky, I suppose a bit more trendy than your traditional Halfords and shops like that.” (Andrew, 34, Edinburgh)

“It’s quite a fun website as well. I follow it on Facebook and they do some quite good tips and fun things on there as well. I think the prices are very good and overall a very good shopping experience.” (Craig, 43, Kingston upon Thames)

“I often shop there for my partner because he is a keen cyclist, I often get Christmas and birthday presents from there for him as well as his brother who is also into cycling. I really like Wiggle, everything I’ve got from there has been excellent quality.” (Emily, 28, Leeds)

“They were just brilliant, they let me know when they were dispatched, I could keep up with DPD to know where they were, they’ve got loads of offers on and now I’m getting into cycling a lot more. I’m defiantly going to be shopping there a lot more.” (Alice, 25, Brighton)

A few of the users hadn’t used or heard of the Wiggle brand and this was mainly down to them not being interested in running or cylcling products.