Google’s New Photo App

Last Thursday Google announced the launching of their new Photos app. This app offers users all around the world an unlimited storage on the Cloud for photos and videos. Some of the more attractive aspects of this revolutionary app are the high resolution and zero-charge.

This app will also include features such as “Places” and “Things”  identification,. The features like photo effects, search and navigation are some of the other great tools of this app.

At VoxPopMe we wanted to know people’s thoughts and different perceptions about this new tool. Is it something they would be interested in using themselves and what did they think were the most useful and exciting features.

In our UK community the majority of the opinions were positive about this new app.

“I think the new Google app is pretty good, letting users have unlimited storage for photos and videos of high quality.” (Sarah, 24, Watford) 

“I love this app, I’m getting so annoyed recently because my phone is always full…So the fact that I can have an app where it has all my photos that I can access from my phone that is not taking up storage space is brilliant.” (Daisy, 28, London) 

“I Love the fact that is unlimited storage and that you don’t have to pay for it, I think is pretty incredible.” (Josh, 25, Barnet) 

“I mean the new Google app is quite good because usually companies do charge for storage.” (Brian, 28, Keighley) 

“The Google Photo app is quite a good idea, cloud storage is great as long as it’s free of charge, they can be quite expensive and anything that lets you store videos or photos for free of charge can’t be a bad thing.” (Simon, 47, Brighton) 

“I think Google app is something I will definitely be interested in, mostly because I only have an 8GB Iphone, I think thats way too small, If you take into count the updates of the iOS, all my apps, I have no room for my photos.” (Nath, 20, Coventry) 

“The fact that is free is brilliant, because recently I deleted a lot of photos from my Iphone because I just didn’t really want to pay for storage.” (Sophie, 24, Leicester)

“Yeah I think it’s a  great idea, one main issue in terms of storage of photos, is things are hard-drive space, to actually use storage on the cloud, is that permanently.”  (Gareth, 33, Nottingham) 

“I think that app is so cool, it looks so nice, I mean I have Google Chrome and that’s going to be so perfect for me to edit my pictures, is just convenient everything is in this.” (Bisi, 18, London) 

On the other hand some of the VPM panel users did not agree with the the benefits of this new app.

“To be honest I’m not that impressed, I mean I have an Iphone and I have most of the Google app’s. So I instinctively try it out. I don’t think it really adds any benefit over what already comes with an Iphone” (James, 30, Croydon) 

“As soon as I found out that it compresses pictures over 60 Megapixels in size and it doesn’t support raw, which is what I use exclusively on my decent camera, I was out.” (Nick, 41, Dundee) 

“If they are not charging me to store my photos, how are they going to make the money? What is their intention with this?.” (Hayley, 32, Lymm)