Aldi vs Tesco – The Supermarket War

It was announced last week that Aldi has overtaken Tesco in BrandZ top 100 global brand value ranking. We asked our community why they felt Aldi are doing so well in the UK and if they shopped there themselves.

Many were not surprised to hear that Aldi had overtaken Tesco and many felt the main reason was just down to Aldi’s cheap prices which people seemed to appreciate being on tighter budgets.

“Aldi does well for two reasons, first one, it’s cheap and much more reasonable than the other supermarkets…the second one is convenience. Aldi seem to be in convenient places, when you come home from work or go into town you can always call in at an Aldi.” (Stephen, 40 Wigan)

“The reason they’re so popular is because they are a budget retailer, they’re offering many of the things that Tesco offer but at a much cheaper price.” (Kyle, 28, Carlisle)

“I think the main reason that Aldi has over taken Tesco is just because it’s such good value for money and in this day and age where people are counting every penny they need to get food as cheap as they can and Aldi offers them that.” (Ruth, 35, Basingstoke)

“I think the reason that Aldi is doing better than Tesco is because they offer cheaper prices. It’s as simple as that. There aren’t so many frills at Aldi as there is Tesco.” (Sam, 64, Londonderry)

“It doesn’t really surprise me to hear that Aldi has overtaken Tesco. Aldi tends to be a lot cheaper, you don’t get the same kind of choice that you would get in a shop like Tesco. The products there are quite basic and certainly are a lot cheaper.” (Emma-Louise, 23, Spalding)

These users all now shop at Aldi and told us the reasons they have switched to the discount store over the main supermarkets. The main reasons for switching was again down to Aldi’s cheaper produce.

“I think Aldi is doing so well in the UK because it is just so cheap! I started shopping there about 8-9 months ago and I literally halved my weekly shopping bill.” (Erica, 48, Hornchurch)

“It doesn’t surprise me at all, yes I shop in Aldi. Two years ago I used to do all my shopping in Tesco and now it’s literally a case of just popping in to pick things up if I am passing.” (Debbie, 40, Sole)