Brand Review: Argos

We wanted to gain insight into our Argos shoppers. What do they think the brand does well and where do they think they could improve? Did they prefer to shop in-store or online?

Many of the happy shoppers mentioned being impressed with Argos’s extensive range of products. They also liked the ease of shopping in-store and being able to collect items the same day.

“I think that Argos is great. They do literally everything from jewellery to lawn mowers to hair stuff. Such a wide range of products, I can’t really think much they could improve on because the prices are also reasonable.” (Chloe, 23, Manchester)

“I think Argos is a convenient store that offers a complete range of products. My recent experience with Argos has been positive.” (Emma, 29, Sandhurst)

“They are very good at things like returns, you can take them back to the store if you bought them online for example, which offers really good flexibility from a customer point of view.” (Susie, 27, Birmingham)


In-store shoppers

These shoppers preferred to shop in-store rather than online, finding it a smoother process.

“I usually go in-store because it’s quick, it’s easy, I like being able to look through the catalogue, pick out your number and then go to get it.” (Sophie, 24, Leicester)

“I prefer shopping in the store rather than online because it’s not a very good system their app, when I go into Argos I think it looks  a bit shambolic, they aren’t as fancy as they used to be but then it is a good idea, you don’t have to find stuff, just pick what you want out of the catalogue.” (Katt, 33, Chester)

“I’ve ordered in-store and online but I think in-store is better because you can check if everything is already in stock and it’s really easy and you can pick it up straight away whereas online I’ve ordered something and I got an email a day later saying it’s not in stock.” (Greta, 18, Bromley)

A number of shoppers were also keen on using the click and collect service, where shoppers could order online and collect in-store.

“What I like most about Argos is the click and collect, they’ve got a wide range of stuff and it’s really suitable for working people as well as it’s open till 8pm.” (Petra, 22, Northampton)

“As a store I quite like Argos for its convenience, you can order online and collect from store, they do reasonable high street products.” (Mandy, 48, Yeovil)

“My preferred method is that I will look online and see if the item is in stock at my local branch and then I tend to reserve it and then go along and pick it up. I just like doing it that way because it makes the process that little bit quicker.” (Erica, 48, Hornchurch)


Online shoppers

Other shoppers preferred to shop online and not have to visit the stores at all.

“I like shopping online but I don’t like it for going in-store because you can’t see anything you’re buying and you don’t know what size anything is.” (Hollie, 27, Maldon)

“I think the whole system in-store is a bit out of date, you might as well go online because you’re having to use a similar sort of system. I don’t really like the layout of the stores and the customer service is a bit impersonal.” (Abi, 34, Dronfield)