Video – the future of customer feedback?

How can companies use video feedback from customers in an effective way? And what are the benefits, and the challenges, of video feedback?

These were a couple of the key questions discussed at the VoxPopMe roundtable, hosted at CXEdge 2015, the leading UK Customer Experience event. We discussed the use of video within a customer feedback environment and the many benefits it delivers as a medium.

The short video below (1 min 48 secs) discusses how we can truly bring consumers into the boardroom and deliver better understanding. Participants on the day included key executives from Asda, Microsoft, British Airways, NPower, Severn Trent, IDEO and E-Digital Research.



Marketing Magazine kindly produced a full write up of the roundtable (See Video – the future of customer feedback), but for those pressed for time, there is a top level overview below:

In a nutshell, VoxPopMe has developed a platform to connect brands with their customers via video feedback, enabling insight and research teams to unlock the underlying motivations and drivers of their customers’ behaviour.

On the day VoxPopMe’s Dave Carruthers (CEO) and Tom Williams (Account Director) discussed the ways in which our innovative video technology appeases the challenges traditional video creates.  With VoxPopMe, video can now be easily integrated into current customer satisfaction surveys, brand trackers and NPS campaigns to provide a deeper understanding of key audiences.

There were many questions about our technology from the attendees, probably born out of the fears created by traditional video research.  However, the preconceptions about video soon disappeared once they learned how easily VoxPopMe could be integrated into ongoing studies and that the platform also provides advanced analytics, making video a scalable, global solution.  Carruthers highlighted that all video responses are captured in a consistent format, transcribed and analysed for sentiment to provide both the impactful visuals and the key data points too.

Video is a complement to a company’s existing customer research programmes, he said, not a replacement: “It offers colour and depth and can be used to replace open ended responses in customer satisfaction surveys because in video you get six times more characters on average than in open ended responses, and double the number of topics.”

It was fascinating to see the shift in the perspective of the insight professionals who attended; going from delegates that saw video as a ‘nice to have’ additional research method, to an integral cog in their ongoing feedback studies.

But don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of the leading insight experts in attendance thought of the technology:

Oliver Wilson, Customer Insight Manager at Asda, said: “It’s not Hollywood, these are people’s raw feelings that you see, but video feedback has been particularly useful for us in finding out what our online customers think.”

Debbie Britton, a consultant and former executive at energy firm Npower stated; “It can bring the customer experience to life. You can get feedback on the phone, or online, but video feedback provides a more three-dimensional experience,” she said.

If you would like to explore the way video can enhance your current customer feedback studies, please do get in touch with Tom Williams on +44 121 224 7703 or at