The New Conservative Government

After one of the closest elections in years it was announced on Friday 8th of May that the Conservative party had won an overall majority and David Cameron would be returning to number 10 Downing Street. We asked our VoxPopMe community to voice any concerns they had about having a Conservative government, what changes they think they will make and if they were pleased or disappointed with the result.



Our community had pretty split reactions to David Cameron returning to Downing Street. A few were undecided about how they felt but were happy to not have another coalition between two parties.

“I do think having just one party in power and not having a coalition is a benefit because at least they can get on with what they believe and they aren’t spending too much time trying to compromise.” (Susie, 27, Birmingham)

“It’s better than having another coalition and I couldn’t have imagined Milliband being a good Prime Minister.” (Brain, 43, Warrington)


Disappointed with the outcome 

These users were not pleased with the news about Conservatives running the country and were sceptical about what the next 5 years would have in store.

“I was very disappointed by the results today with David Cameron and The Conservatives running the country. I voted Labour so very very sad. Changes wise I think things are just going to get worse to be honest.”  (Simon, 47, Brighton)

“I am absolutely furious that we’ve got a Conservative government, I cannot stand David Cameron, I cannot stand his principles. I am really sad about todays news because I think our country is in a mess.” (Kat, 33, Chester)

“A majority Conservative government was the result that I was dreading the most, they are the party that are least aligned to my personal beliefs. I think we can expect to see a lot more cuts to public spending and the rich to get richer and the poorer to get poorer.” (Adele, 29, Liverpool)

“I feel absolutely gutted that The Conservatives got in, completely unexpected…I’m amazed, there must be a lot of people who hold their cards very close to their chest.” (Darren, 44, Camborne)


Pleased with the outcome 

Others were very happy to see The Conservatives in power, one of the main reasons being that they thought they should be able to carry on with the job they started in the previous government.

“Personally I’m very pleased that The Conservatives got back in and that David Cameron is remaining Prime Minister, I’m glad they have a majority. I think they’ll govern even better than when they were in a coalition.” (Kyle, 28, Carlisle)

“I think they are going to keep rising the economy so our country is going to keep growing stronger and stronger under a Conservative government. They are going to have to take note of all the UKIP voters and will have to look more closely at immigration.” (Louise, 32, Gravesend)

“I think that The Conservatives have done a good job over the last 5 years and 5 years more would be fantastic, hopefully everything will just continue to improve.” (Will, 22, Lincoln)


Voted Conservative 

These users voted for The Conservative Party and so were pleased with the outcome of the general election and felt positively about the next 5 years.

“I actually voted Conservative and I’m glad that they got a majority so that they can actually get things through without having to form a coalition.” (Louise, 31, Newton-le-Willows)

“Personally I’m absolutely delighted that the Tories have won as I voted for them and I think that it was the right choice. David Cameron has done a very good job in the past five years in the coalition with the Liberal Democrats.” (Gareth, 33, Nottingham)