The New Zero Calorie Red Bull

Red Bull have released a zero calorie version of their original energy drink with promises to give you wings but without the calories. Recently the new drink launched in the US so we wanted to find out if our US VoxPopMe community would be purchasing this new zero calorie energy drink. Did consumers think this new product would give them the same boost as the original Red Bull, how would if affect the flavor and would they be interested in swapping to this lower calorie option?


Would want to try the new drink

Many of our US community were willing to give the new drink a test run. They were curious to see how the taste compared to the original energy drink with many commenting that if it tasted the same they would switch to the lower calorie drink.

“I would be curious to at least try it, I mean you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Zero calories are all the rage these days. Little sceptical though I feel like the calories are what gives you the energy.”  (Erik, 34, White Plains)

“Red Bull with zero calories. That is something I need, no question.” 

“Zero calories. Yeah that’s a good thing. I’m not sure if it will give you the same boost as it has less calories so I would probably have to try it and see if the taste is similar and if the taste is the same then yes I would choose it over the normal Red Bull.” (Myron, 32, Columbia)

“I like the idea because I enjoy Red Bull to give me that little boost of energy that I need around mid morning and having not to worry about calories is even better, so I would definitely try it.” (Neil, 34, Drexel Hill)

“I would choose the zero over the normal because less calories is less calories. I think it would give the same boost because it doesn’t say lower strength, it just says zero calories so I assume nothing changes.” (James, 37, Madison)

Some of the community had already got their hands on the new Red Bull and gave us their verdict.

“I think the taste is just as good as the full calorie and you’re getting the same benefits as I got from the regular Red Bull. I find it refreshing, flavorfull, comes in different sizes and it’s essentially the same thing.” (Chris, 32, Beverly)

“To me it doesn’t taste the same even though I know it’s still Red Bull. I just stick to regular Red Bull because it tastes so good. Sometimes when you have zero calorie drinks it takes the great taste out of the drink.” (Kenyetta, 38, Roanoke)


Concerns about the new drink 

Others suggested that they would be more reluctant to try the new Red bull as they felt it would fail to give the same boost and many didn’t like the weaker and watered down taste of diet soft drinks.

“For whatever reason I tend to stay away from anything that is zero calorie…Red Bull is supposed to give you wings, it’s meant to make you feel amped, it’s meant to make you feel pumped and adding zero onto that almost feels like a negative connotation.” (Kat, 24, Chesapeake)

“If there was a Red Bull with zero calories I don’t think it would taste the same as the original, I think it would be too much of a medicine taste and I don’t think it would have that much flavor to it and I don’t expect it to have as much caffeine as the regular Red Bull.” (Karen, 45, Middleville)

“I would buy it and consider it if it tastes the same as the normal one. Usually when it comes to zero calories things if it tastes off I won’t buy it.” (Toya, 32, San Diego)

“I’m not a fan of zero calorie drinks, I don’t think the artificial stuff in them is better for you than sugar and quite honestly the sugar ones taste a lot better.” (Greg, 35, Salt Lake City)