The NHS experience

We asked our panel members to speak about their recent experiences with the NHS. We wanted to know if they had seen first hand evidence of the NHS being stretched as much as the media is currently portraying. Did they notice shortages in staff and resources or were they impressed with the care and attention that they received?

80% of the panel were proud of the NHS service and had a lot of respect for the people that worked for it. Many had experienced a good level of service and care and were generally impressed with the system and what it provided.

“I think the NHS are absolutely amazing and as a nation we are so lucky to have them…the thing is here people moan about the NHS all the time but we have the choice you can go private healthcare if you want.” (Louise, 31, Gravesend)

“I’ve found everything so far to be very very efficient and I really have no cause for complaint. Generally the NHS are very good.” (Gem, 31, Downham Market)

“The service before, during and after has been excellent, can’t fault it at all, nurses have been superb and the communication has been excellent.” (Paul, 40, Hayes)

“I’m currently 12.5 weeks pregnant and every service that I’ve received from them so far has been really good.” (Jennifer, 33, Manchester)

“Overall my experiences with them were brilliant, they were very very friendly and very helpful and very understanding and sympathetic.” (Simon, 47, Brighton)

Others appreciated the job that the NHS were trying to do but felt that the strain was clearly visible.

“My experience is that the nurses do a really good job under extreme pressure and hard conditions, having said that when I was in hospital there weren’t enough nurses per patient.” (Winston, 44, Bournemouth)

“I think the NHS is a really great service and is something that the UK should be proud of…I think it is extremely over stretched and under funded.” (Raj, 42, Barnet)

“I do think they are stretch to the limit and I feel really really sorry for them but they are just such a wonderful service.” (Gabrielle, 25, Tayport)

“My most recent experience of the NHS was when my eldery parents were ill and they were treated extremely well in the a&e area despite the fact that they were really pushed and certainly more resources could go there.” (Sam, 63, Londonderry)

“I think the staff are amazing. They do things that I couldn’t imagine doing and they work such long hours. They are so kind and so caring, the pressures they are under I think are enormous.” (Susie, 27, Birmingham)