Video – The Future of Customer Feedback

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At VoxPopMe we are passionate about video and the benefits that can be reaped through its application within customer feedback. We have dedicated the last 2 years to optimising and automating the insight that can be gained through video as a medium.

Video has been called ‘a real-time sequential medium’ because, unlike textual data, it preserves the temporal characteristics of human interaction. It records the natural thought-process of the respondent, as well as capturing unconscious factors, such as their facial expression and body language. The intensity of what is verbally expressed, or how strongly the respondent feels about the topic being discussed, is therefore determined by these unconscious factors. Therefore, through the relationship between speech and movement a deeper level of meaning to the response is uncovered.

By using video to collect feedback, companies can capture their customers in the moment. They can see and hear customers discuss their experiences in the comfort of their own home. Whether they are praising the experience or seething with anger, their feedback is undoubtedly emotive and honest.



We have conducted various studies comparing video capture to open-ended text responses in surveys. Consistently, we have found that video responses provide:

  • Deeper understanding of customers
  • 6x more content and 150% more themes when compared text-based open-end questions or feedback
  • Detection of emotions. Ability to see & hear actual respondent, picking up on cues such as tone of voice, emotions, facial expressions, surroundings, etc.
  • More open and honest. It’s like they don’t think anyone is around when they answer. They want to express their opinions.
  • Sharable, engaging content for the Board Room


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VoxPopMe is an innovative insight platform that captures real-time feedback from consumers via apps or browser across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The strong UX allows the user to give honest and emotive answers to your questions in any environment.

The platform offers a hybrid of video and survey capabilities for clients. Video feedback is supported by advanced surveying tools, including standard surveys, open-ended text responses and NET promoter scores. Moreover, our service is phenomenally fast – videos are transcribed and analysed for sentiment and quality of response in 20 minutes.

Since launching in May 2013, we have captured over 150, 000 videos across 4 territories (United Kingdom, United States, Singapore and Australia). We are currently regularly working with over 50 clients, including many globally recognised brands.

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