The Chancellor’s 2015 Budget

On Wednesday the Chancellor announced the latest budget. The changes included help to buy ISAs for first time house buyers, money taken off alcohol tax and a 5 year petrol price freeze. We wanted to know our panel’s opinion on the latest proposals and how these changes would affect them day to day.

Most felt that the budget was very positive and included lots of attractive changes. However many were also sceptical due to the upcoming election, feeling that this attractive budget may just be a way to win voters.

“It looks like a budget that’s trying to win the general election, they are going after the grey vote.” (Neil, 48, Amersham)

“It seems to me they’ve gone out of their way not to upset anyone this time, probably because there is an election soon. However as a family I don’t really think it affects us that much.” (Lynn, 49, Great Wyrley)

“In some ways it’s hard not to be too cynical given the fact that we are coming up to a general election soon so obviously there will be quite a few things to attract us there.”  (Fil, 36, Chesterfield)

“I just hope they make good on their promises and this isn’t just a pre-election push for conservatives.” (Emma-Louise, 32, Spalding)

Even though some panel members were sceptical about the budget they were pleased with the proposed plans.

“It has good incentives to try and get people to save. I like the help to buy ISA as this is something I am planning to use in the future for my property purchase.” (Raj, 42, Barnet)

“I actually like the budget, I thought it was very sensible and has some really good stuff in it, especially for savers. I also like the fact that they are going to put the tax rate up and the minimum wage up. I guess it may have been a bit political but what do you expect?” (Melanie, 50, Market Harborough)

“The Chancellor’s latest budget, well there’s a little bit of something for everyone.” (Mike, 53, Gillingham)

“I think the budget is actually really positive. I actually agree with a lot of places where the money is going. Our economy is finally growing again after the recession.” (Louise, 31, Gravesend)

“I did watch the budget live as it was broadcast. I was very pleased about the personal allowance going up because I am an employee so I pay ppaye so that is great news.” (Hayley, 32, Lymm)

“I think that this budget is looking to be one of the best budget we’ve had in recent times. It’s only going to effect people positively.” (Jennifer, 31, London)