Brand Review: Peugeot

Peugeot are one of the most popular and globally successful French car manufacturers. Boasting a wide range of models, Peugeot sell cars that can suit a diverse number of drivers. Certainly, the Peugeot brand is recognised by most consumers in the UK, but just how do the public view the vehicles and products that have to offer? To find out we asked our panel of UK consumers to record 15 – 60 second videos telling us their opinion of the brand and whether they would actually consider purchasing a Peugeot vehicle as, after all, it is sales that truly drive business.

As expected, everyone in the panel was familiar with the Peugeot company and were able to name one or more of their past or current models. The panel had mixed feelings about the Peugeot company. Whilst only a few participants were quick to champion the brand, there were only a small number who instantly condemned it. In general, people indicated that they were ‘on-the-fence’ when it came to Peugeot, as there were aspects of the company and the vehicles which they liked and also areas where they thought the company needed to improve.

Positive Feedback

Amongst the select number of respondents who openly championed the brand, they were most impressed with the pricing of the cars. Compared with German vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot vehicles were considered affordable and good value for money. Some Peugeot owners commented on how the price of replacement parts was cheap and they were cheap to insure, which were added bonuses.

The price of the vechiles was noted as a particular advantage for young drivers. In fact, across the board, many of respondents commented on how they had purchased or considered purchasing a Peugeot vehicle as their first car.

‘I’ve got a Peugeot 208 on the scheme ‘Just Add Fuel’, which I think is brilliant. I think they’re really well-priced.’ (Samantha, 28, Nottingham) 171498

‘They’re really well built, they’re sturdy and the parts aren’t too expensive to replace.’ (Pete, 41, Denbigh) 170736

‘As a young person, I think they’re a good car, because they look really nice and they’re affordable.’ (Louise, 31, Gravesend) 170756

The panel discussed a wide variety of Peugeot models from the larger cars, such as the 308 GT to the new electric ION model.

‘The cars are economical and they do a good range of sizes with lots of added extras.’ (Claire, 31, Stone)

Peugeot were especially praised for their smaller vehicles, including the current 108 model and the previous 207 and 206 models. Consumers described the vehicles as ‘cool’, ‘sleak’, ‘sporty’ and ‘cute’. This factor was highlighted as an appealing quality mainly by women, many of whom owned, had previously owned or aspired to own a small Peugeot vehicle. Moreover, a number of consumers referred to the cars frequently as ‘good little runners’ and discussed how although the models were small they had no problem travelling long-distances or driving at fast speeds.

‘They’re quite small and I think for a woman that’s great.’ (Lynn, 46, Great Wyrley)

‘I would of loved a Peugeot 206 CC. I loved everything about them. They’re so cute!’ (Senara, 32, Bristol)

Negative Feedback

On the other hand, some people felt that newer Peugeot models were less attractive in appearance than older models. They compared the interior and exterior designs of the vehicles. Some even described the vehicles as ‘tacky’ and ‘plastic-looking’.

‘I think the insides are a bit plastic looking.’ (Katy, 30, London)

‘I don’t find the new models very nice looking. Style seems to have gone out the window.’ (James, 37, Swansea)

Some people were concerned that Peugeot’s low prices meant that the cars were manufactured poorly. A number of respondents spoke at length of problems they had encountered first-hand with Peugeot vehicles, whilst several other drew on the experiences of their family and friends, claiming they had heard that the vehicles frequently broke down and needed to be repaired.

‘Cheap, basic cars, but very unreliable.’ (James, 20, London)

‘Peugeot isn’t a brand I associate with reliability. My family’s experience is that things always seem to go wrong.’ (Wendy, 30, Norwich)

I’ve had three Peugeot vehicles and the main problem I had with them after a series of time was with the rubber seals. Either the window leaked or the doors or the boot.’ (Tim, 48, Bangor)

Our research suggests that the reputation Peugeot vehicles have acquired for breaking down has resulted in the company losing potential customers. However, although some people had adopted a negative opinion of the brand, they could be persuaded to change their opinion of the brand if Peugeot PR campaigns successfully crushed this perception.

‘The Peugeot 206 is notorious for having electrical issues. Would I buy one? Only if the reputation for having electrical issues was reconciled. Otherwise, I’ll just stick with a brand I know is reliable.’ (Alex, 35, Horwich)


Overall, the feedback we received was mixed. Consumers thought of Peugeot as an affordable brand with a range of attractive models. However, there were concerns that being a ‘cheaper’ brand had resulted in poor build quality of vehicles. In order for Peugeot to maintain a positive reputation in the public, they need to work on ensuring vehicles are a good quality, even for the price.