The General Election

We asked our panel to imagine that there was a general election tomorrow. We wanted to know which party they would vote for and the reasons behind the choice. It ranged from panel members who wouldn’t bother to vote in the upcoming election to people who had stood by a particular party for over 10 years and would never consider voting for anyone else.





“I’d vote for Labour because it’s more about the working class and as a future teacher to be I feel I should be fairly paid.” (Jodie, 20, Harpenden)

“I think I would vote for the Labour party because they’re the only ones I know that are doing something about the uni fees.” (Greta, 18, Bromley)

“If the election happened tomorrow I’d definitely be voting Labour, I’m not a fan of the Conservatives because I think they seek to maintain the division of the wealth.” (Andy, 21, Sheffield)

“If the general election was tomorrow I’d vote for Labour because I believe in their policies. I think they are the least ridiculous party and they are quite credible in what they say.” (Katt, 33, Chester)


“I’d vote for the Conservative party because they’re doing quite a good job…I think really they’re the only choice to keep the economy going.” (Melaine, 50, Market Harborough)

“I’d be voting Conservative and the reasons are they’ve done a reasonable job over the last few years trying to start cleaning up the mess that we were in after 12 years of financial mismanagement.”  (Paul, 39, Hayes)

“I would vote Conservative just because that’s who I normally vote for not because I know any of their policies or what they’re standing for at the moment.” (Ruth, 35, Basingstoke)

“I would definitely be voting Conservative. I think they’ve done a good job of running the country over the last 5 years and I think they deserve the chance to run it for another period of time.” (Damon, 35, London)


“If the general election was tomorrow I would be voting for UKIP in order to ensure that we leave the European Union.” (Sam, 63, Londonderry)

“If the general election was tomorrow I would be voting for UKIP mainly because it’s a protest vote. Round where I live it’s major Tory majority.” (Neil, 48)

 The Liberal Democrats

“If there was an election tomorrow I would be voting for The Liberal democrats. I will stand for them for council elections in the future, probably for parliament one day if things carry on going well. Despite the last few years it’s their liberal values that resonate with me.”  (Paul, 22, Edinburgh)

The Green Party 

“If the general election took place tomorrow I’d be voting for the green party because they are not only fighting for the environmental issues but their social policies are offering something that no other party is offering.” (Nath, 20, Coventry)


“For the first time I have no idea. I’ve always had an idea and then looked into it. This year I don’t know anymore. I still have more research to do.” (Ben, 32, Dronfield)

“If the general election was actually taking place tomorrow then I’d be stuck because I really don’t know who I would vote for.” (Erica, 48, Hornchurch)