Thoughts on the speculated Apple iCar

Speculation that computing giant Apple is to start building cars has been one of this week’s biggest tech stories. We wanted to know our panels thoughts on a possible iCar. Would any of our panel members be interested in buying it what did they think it would be and look like?

Many of the panel were excited by the prospect of Apple bringing out a car as they were already big fans of Apple’s products already.

“I think it’s very exciting news about Apple. I think this of course would be one of the most initiative cars on the market. I think it would probably be very sleek and full of all sorts of things that cars don’t have yet.” (Sam, 63, Londonderry)

“I would definitely buy an Apple car, I’m quite an Apple fan anyway I think I’ve got nearly all of their products that they come out with. They’ve obviously got enough money to employ the right people to design a perfectly great car.” (Hollie, 27, Maldon)

“I would buy a car made by Apple but I would expect it to have incredibly modern design and technology features installed in it.” (Daniel, 30, Ebbw Vale)

Many where in agreement as to what they thought Apple’s car would like. They imagined a simple and sleek looking car full of high tech features.

“Apple products are just good looking ones so I can definitely see the car being very nice.” (Greta, 18, Bromley)

“It would be sleek, simple and easy to use once you’ve got the hang of it.” (Alice, 27, Hove)

“If I could afford it probably yeah, I would imagine it would be a very good car with lots of gadgets.” (Debbie, 39, Sale)

“I really think it would be a great car, I think it would be quite small…but I think it would really be a great car that would have a great amount of engineering behind it because Apple has that technology.” (Rachel, 32, North Walsham)

“I would definitely buy a car made by Apple. I think it would be incredibly futuristic.” (Ashley, 39, London)

“It’s a new market for them so it’s always going to be risky but I’m sure that whatever they produce will be stylish and full of technology that’s really useable.” (Charlotte, 40, Bracknell)

Other members of the panel had more hesitations about buying a car from Apple. Many felt that Apple had no experience in that field and therefore were unsure if they could produce the best vehicle in comparison to companies like BMW and Ford which have years and years of experience with engineering cars.

“I wouldn’t buy an iCar for the simple reason that with Apple you’d probably have to use their own brand of petrol or electricity to run it, it would be impossible to find parts or spares for it and if you did they would cost an absolute fortune.” (Paul, 39, Hayes)

“It would depend what it looks like, what the specification for it was and the price.” (Erica, 48, Hornchurch)

“I would be dubious to buy a car from Apple as they don’t have any expertise in that area.” (Philip, 26, Wallsend)