Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a mysterious looking black cylinder which you can place in your home. It’s able to answer questions and provide information immediately. Echo is controlled by your voice and can even hear you from across the room. We showed our panel the amazon Echo advertisement and then wanted to get their feedback on this new bit of technology.

The panel were pretty split as to whether they would actually want to purchase an Amazon echo and invite Alexa into their homes. Some were excited by Alexa and couldn’t wait to get their hands on one, others were scared about products like this making us more reliant on technology than ever.

Here we can see the breakdown on how Amazon echo was received by the UK and US panels.

“I think this new product is absolutely amazing and at the same time absolutely terrifying…it’s at the point now where we don’t have to think for ourselves these machines just do everything for us.” (Katie, 25, Wallsend)  

Others were excited about the prospect of Amazon Echo. There were a number of comparisons made to Apple’s Siri which provides a similar service. However some recognised the usefulness of having this kind of service around your home.

“I’m a bit of a gadget man and I have to say the Amazon Echo looks a cracking bit of kit.” (Ashley, 38, London)

“It’s a really good idea…it’s sort of like the Siri thing on iphone, however a more broad range device that you can put in a room. It looks pretty neat design wise.” (Tom, 26, Croydon)

“I do think that the Amazon Echo looks like a pretty cool product. It’s basically Siri or Cortana which people have on their phones but a stand alone unit that you have at home.” (Elizabeth, 32, Sherborne)

“My opinion of it is that basically it’s an apple iphone but in a different version with a different name.” (Donna-Marie, 24, Liverpool)

“Nice bit of kit. not dissimilar to Siri on my iphone but yeah it would be useful in my house so i’d certainly be interested in purchasing a product like this.” (Darren, 43, Camborne)

These users couldn’t wait to buy their own Amazon Echo.

However others had hesitations about allowing Alexa into their homes. A few felt that this was technology gone too far and would be perhaps intrusive in their homes. They also questioned Alexa’s reliability, feeling that voice recognition technology often seemed to have lots of faults.

“I would worry about the reliability of it, normally things that rely on voice recognition are a bit faulty and a bit hit and miss.”  (Adele, 28, Liverpool)

“Quite fascinated actually with the Amazon Echo, it seems an extremely useful device to have around the home, the only thing is how it will adapt to dialogue and accents.” (John, 69, Dumfries)

“To have some giant thing in your house that you have to plug in actually seems a bit annoying.” (Rosie, 34, London)

These users decided that the Echo was not something that they would be interested in purchasing


US Panel

We also asked our US panel what their thoughts were on the Amazon Echo advert. The Echo received a very positive response with the majority commenting that they would be interested in purchasing the Echo for their homes. The main reason given for not want to purchase the Echo was due to its similarities to Apple’s Siri which many already had on their phones.

“I am really into portable and wireless devices that can allow for quick information especially in this day and age where everyone is on the go.” (Samantha, 26, Rockford)

“My opinion of the Echo is that I think everyone needs one at home…It’s like Siri but smarter.” (Courtney, 33, Mobile)

“I totally want Echo, I think it’s awesome.” (Tim, 34, West Chester)