‘And the Winner is…’: BAFTA 2015 Predictions

January is generally considered by most to be a cold, dark and even depressing month. It is the inevitable come down from the Christmas cheer and merriment of December, where the skies are still dark but are no longer lit by the twinkling aurora of festive decorations.

BUT, there is one thing that lights up dark January nights – cinema. With award season already in full-swing, a copious number of Hollywood blockbusters, bi-epics and independent productions have leapt onto screens all over the UK. So, with the UK’s most prestigious film and television award show, the BAFTAS, taking place on Sunday evening we decided to ask our panel to scope out any potential winners.



The most anticipated award amongst the panel was undoubtedly the award for ‘Best Film’, closely followed by the awards for ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best Actress’. The range of films that are shortlisted this year span a diverse range of genres, therefore the panel felt that a number of the nominees were strong contenders.

‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ reaped the greatest applause from our panel. Although not quite a conventional comedy, the panel claimed the film had them in fits of laughter. They also loved its quirky cinematic style and the enigmatic screenplay between the actors.

‘My nomination would be the ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’. Out of all of the films I’ve seen this year, it’s the one that stood out the most’ (Les, 43, Carcraft)

‘The ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ is fantastic – the actors in it are phenomenal’ (Yasmin, 23, Manchester)

‘The Theory of Everything’ was also a favourite amongst our panel members.  Leading man, Eddie Redmayne, was the most popular prediction for the prestigious ‘Best Actor’ award for his portrayal of Stephan Hawking. Even some of those who were yet to see the film claimed they thought that Redmayne’s role was challenging and complex and deserved to be praised.

I think the film that’s really going to sweep the board is ‘The Theory of Everything’, as it was beautifully acted, written and directed’ (Elly, 35, Cheltenham)

‘My prediction is that Eddie Redmayne will win ‘Best Actor” (Alan, 48, Tamworth)

However, Redmayne is not the only actor tipped for the award. Fellow British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, is also a favourite following his performance as Alan Shearing in ‘The Imitation Game’ which came out earlier this year.

‘I think Benedict Cummerbatch definitely deserves to win the BAFTA for ‘Best Actor’, as does ‘The Imitation Game’ itself because it was a great film‘ (Paul, 22, Edinburgh)

Meanwhile, ‘The Lego Movie’ was expected to be the winner in the ‘Best Animation’ category, as it was loved as much by it’s older viewers as it was by children.

‘I’ve seen The Lego Movie’ and I’m hoping it will win because it was a big it with my children’ (Natalia, 36, Dougavpils)

Hands down, best film of the whole year was ‘The Lego Movie’ – it was funny, appropriate for children and adults and it had great music’ (Janine, 35, Chorley)

The race to score the title of ‘Best Special Visual Effects’ seems to be between ‘The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’, ‘The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies’ and the Nolan brother’s space epic ‘Intersellar’.

In terms of special effects, I’ve seen both ‘The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ and ‘The Hobbit’ and I think they both stand a really good chance’ (Gareth, 33, Nottingham)


”Intersellar’ deserves recognition for its cinematography and sound – it really captured the audience’ (Claire, 19, Loughborough)

Other films cherished by the panel included ‘Boyhood’, ‘Pride’ and ‘Paddington’.

‘I’ve never seen a film taken over 12 years, filming actual actors grow up – I thought Boyhood was fascinating’ (Janine, 35, Chorley)

‘I noticed Pride was nominated, which I’m happy about because I think it’s one of the best films I’ve seen in a long while’ (Elizabeth, 34, Kettering)

‘Paddington is worthy of its BAFTA nomination, it’s got something for all the family’ (Sharon, 53, Lancaster)

”Into the Woods’ is a brilliant film’ (Lee, 27, London)

On the other hand, some members of the panel thought that a number of films had been snubbed by the nominations.

‘I personally thought Mr Turner would get more nominations’ (Tom, 26, Croydon)

In addition to the main awards, BAFTA will be awarding the ‘EE Rising Star’ award to an exceptionally talented up and coming actor. The award is the only award presented at the ceremony which is voted for by the public. The category includes; star of the ‘Divergent’ films and ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, Shailene Woodley, and Miles Teller, who plays the lead in one of the most nominated films of the year – ‘Whiplash’. However, many of our panel are backing former ‘Skins’ star, Jack O’Connell, for the award. Since first appearing in Channel 4’s teen drama, he has starred in a number of hits, including ‘Harry Brown’ and ‘300: Rise of an Empire’.

‘I think that Jack O’Connell is a brilliant actor. He’s up and coming and I think will win’ (Oliver, 25, Mirfield)

‘I’m really happy to see Jack O’Connell nominated for the ‘Rising Star’ award’ (Phillip, 26, Wallsend)


So, who will be watching?

The majority of the panel are very excited to watch the awards this weekend, particularly now that Stephan Fry has been confirmed as the host for the 10th time. As well as giving everyone an excuse to champion their favourite film of the year, the panel said that the BAFTAs made them aware of other great films that they would like to watch.

‘I like watching the BAFTAs, as they highlight good films that need recognition’ (Fil, 36, Chesterfield)

‘I like Stephan Fry hosting it, so I will be watching’ (Christopher, 52, Nantwich)

There were, on the other hand, some respondents who were less-than enthused about the awards. Some expressed general disinterest in film and television and felt that the BAFTAs only appealed to regular cinema-goers and film-buffs. Others claimed they found the ceremony long and at points boring. As such, they planned to research the respective winners the following day.

‘I won’t be watching the BAFTAs because unless you’re really into film and production, you don’t know who most of the people are’ (Jennifer, 33, Manchester)