The NFL Superbowl

The NFL is the biggest sporting event in the US calendar and was watched by millions across the globe last night. We wanted to know what UK residents thought about the fiasco. We wanted to know how much UK citizens knew about the Superbowl and if they would be tuning in to watch the sporting event.

Most of the UK panel had heard of the NFL Superbowl but less were prepared to stay up late to catch it on UK television.

“I think it’s an American thing so not very many people in this country watch it. It’s on pretty late because of the time difference.” (Rachel, 32, North Walsham)

“It’s really late at night for us so maybe not such a big deal for the people in the UK because of the time zone.” (Jennifer, 33, Manchester)

Some members of the panel knew very little about the Superbowl and thought of it as an American tradition that was less relevant to people from the UK.

“I don’t really know anything about the NFL Superbowl other than the fact that it exists…I’ve not seen anything about it in the media at all and I also don’t really know anyone who is into it. I can’t really see why anyone in England would be into it.”  (Elizabeth, 33, Kettering)

People felt that the Superbowl was becoming increasingly popular in the UK because it offers something different and on a larger scale to any UK sporting events.

“Because it’s so big in America I think a lot of the UK people want to jump on the trend because it’s a massive sporting event.” (Apple, 20, Aylesbury)

“I think people really like the NFL because it offers something different to the mainstream sports in the UK.” (Paul, 39, Hayes)

“The reason I think so many people watch it is because it’s quite good to watch the half time show as it’s really really good. That’s what people tend to watch it for.” (Josh, 20, Birmingham)

“The Superbowl I love it. I’ve been watching it for 35 years. I’m not an American but spent some time there when I was 8 or 9 years old and that’s when I started getting in to the game.” (Craig, 42, Kingston upon Thames)