Brand Review: Gillette

The Gillette brand is well known for using ‘cutting edge’ technology to produce premium shaving products for men and women all over the world. The company is frequently developing their market offering, creating products that have features which are not typically found on a standard razor. For example, many of their products include a trimmer, vibrations and a ‘moisture band’. We wanted to gauge an idea of how the public viewed the Gillette brand. Thus, we asked our panel to answer the following questions:

What are their experiences of the Gillette brand? How do Gillette products compare to competitors’ products?  How could Gillette improve their current market offering?


Almost all of the panel described positive experiences of the brand and a large majority said they currently owned several Gillette products, including razors and shaving gel.

Customers rated the razor products highly on account of their quality. They found that the blades slid smoothly across the skin, providing a close and comfortable shave.

‘I find it really smooth on your skin and it does the job so I’d definitely recommend it‘ (Mark, 23, Birmingham)

‘I use Venus razors because they are the best out there’ (Mary, 31, Peterborough)

‘I like the fact they’ve got a lot of blades so you get a closer shave’ (Rachel, 24, Huntingdon)

In addition, customers liked the appearance of Gillette blades. They felt that, particularly in comparison to disposable razors, the razors were sturdier. Similarly, Gillette’s Venus range offered a more attractive and feminine look for women.

‘The razors look a lot nice, more feminine that other brands’ (Vikki, 44, Leeds)

Moreover, customers talked about the longevity of the product, citing how the blades remained sharp for longer than other brands.

‘They last for a long time before you have to buy new blades’ (Kerrianne, 27, Crewkerne)

Whilst less people were aware of Gillette’s non-razor products, those who were spoke positively of them. Again, these respondents commented on the rich quality of the products and noted how it lasted a long time in comparison to cheaper, thinner alternatives.

‘The Gel is particularly good. I’ve got quite sensitive skin and it’s one of the only ones that doesn’t irritate me’ (Christopher, 35, Westcliff-on-Sea)

‘The foam is really good. It’s really thick and creamy and it gives a good coverage. You also don’t have to use very much so it lasts quite a long time’ (Jennifer, 33, Manchester)


How do Gillette products compare to other products on the market?

Whilst the majority of the panel were confident about the quality of Gillette products, they felt that the prices were considerably higher than their competitors. Lots of customers said they had been known to only buy Gillette products when they were on offer. Thus, more deals and discounts on products would improve Gillette’s market offering.

‘They’re a lot more smooth, sleek and comfortable than other brands. The only thing that puts me off is the price – they’re a bit of an investment!’ (Claire, 19, Loughborough)

‘I used to use the Gillette shaving foam, but it’s too expensive so now I just use a bar of soap’ (Tom, 26, Croydon)

‘I wouldn’t say it’s the cheapest on the market. If anything it’s more expensive. So maybe they should have more offers on’ (Faridah, 47, Swansea)

‘I do feel it’s quite expensive compared to other brands on the market’ (Katie, 29, Birmingham)

However, for many of the panel, the quality of the products were worth paying higher prices for.

‘Even though they are more expensive, I am still going to buy them because I know that if I bought a disposable or cheaper alternative that I’m not going to get the same value’ (Zainab, 29, Birmingham)

‘I’ve tried using cheaper razors, but they really irritated my skin. The price does match up to the quality’ (Phillip, 26, Wallsend)


Overall, the Gillette brand was seen incredibly positively by the panel. They were championed for the quality and longevity of their products. The only reservation customers seemed to have was the price of the products. Given that many customers were usually still prepared to pay premium prices for Gillette products, Gillette could create more offers and discounts on their products to ensure they do not lose these loyal customers when other brands reduce the cost of their products.