Less Effort, More Style. Lynx capture ‘The Modern Man’ in their Australian advert.

The latest advert from Lynx may not promise floods of women running your way, an image British consumers are so accustomed to. However, what it does provide is a refreshing reshape of what the Lynx brand stands for. This no longer ‘just for lads’ advert intrigued many of our panel.

Take a quick look at the advert:

“I think that’s probably one of the best Lynx adverts I’ve ever seen”

But it’s not. The advert no longer focuses on the ‘Lynx effect’ we are all so familiar with (the concept, not the practicality). There is distinct lack of ‘lad culture’ that appears to be a refreshing change for many of the panel.

“At first I thought this was just going to be another Lynx advert.”

“[this is a] 2015 kind of idea.”

A fun and entertaining advert colourfully captures the ‘modern male’. The inclusiveness of the advert was a huge hit with UK consumers, with many praising the Lynx brand for embracing a much wider audience.

There’s something in the advert for everyone.

From animation to 80s glam rock, even if you’re a Casablanca fan, there’s something in this advert for you. Emphasising the inclusiveness of the Lynx brand, Lynx is no longer just an aid for helping get the girls. It’s a hair product for everyone, it’s a hair product for today.

Enjoy your hair while it lasts, a different approach to hair styling advertisement that hit home for some of the male panel members:

The majority of the panel felt that the advert offered a better brand image for Lynx. Although an advert aimed to an Australian audience, consumers wanted to see such an approach to the UK market.