Celebrity Big Brother returns…

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 launched last night on channel 5. With a whole host of celebrities entering the house including controversial loud mouth Kate Hopkins and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, this series is set to be an interesting one.

We wanted to know who from our panel would be tuning in to watch the latest from the house and if people weren’t planning on watching the celebrity antics why was this?

Many felt that they would decide whether to watch the show when they knew which celebrities would be entering the house this year.

“I might watch it, it depends who does go in for me, if it’s people I don’t really know or find interesting I’ll switch off.” (Leanne, 34, Huddersfield)

Other members of the panel admitted to being hardcore Celebrity Big Brother fans with some of them having never missed a series.

“I’m a massive Celebrity Big Brother fan so i’ll definitely be watching the launch. For me the rumoured celebrities are really good, someone like Katie Hopkins is obviously so controversial that I think it will be really entertaining.”   (Scarlett, 25, Stockport)

“Absolutely i’ll be watching it. I find it hilarious watching celebrities make a complete fool of themselves and you see what they are actually really like and how they act in certain situations.” (Jodie, 20, Harpenden)

Others said they would be tuning in due to the good line up this year.

“I’ll be watching CBB this year because I think it will be quite controversial and I’m quite looking forward to having Katie Hopkins in the house. I think she’ll liven it up, she’s very opinionated.” (Mandy, 47, Yeovil)

“I’m definitely going to be watching CBB this year, I think that they’ve got a really good line up going in.”  (Erica, 47, Hornchurch)

Other members of the panel had no plans of watching the show.  Some saying that it was something that has never interested them, while others suggested that they have stopped watching due to recent poor line ups.

“I don’t plan to watch CBB this year. I haven’t watched it for a number of years now largely because I think the people that go into it get more and more unknown to  me every year that goes by.” (Susie, 27, Birmingham)

“I’m afraid I can’t think of anything worse than watching CBB this year or any other year.” (John, 69, Dumfries)