The Interview UK release date confirmed

The controversial release of The Interview saw totalling sales of $31million through video on-demand services alone, and a further $5million through box office sales, the film sets sight for British cinemas in February.

The decision made mid-December to cancel The Interview came after a cyber attack on Sony and a warning towards the general public going to cinemas to watch the film. A debate broke out around the ethics of pulling a film due to terrorist threats.

Freedom of speech was a reoccurring theme, a number of the public felt that the cancellation of the film resulted in a lack of freedom of speech for the film producers. Commenting that if censorship starts with films, where does it end?

It’s safety first.

The majority of the general public did not agree with ‘negotiating with terrorists’, but felt if showing the film would put public safety at risk it was not worthwhile. There was empathy with Sony, as many commented that Sony couldn’t win either way, feeling the right decision was made in the interest of the public.

There is no such thing as bad publicity.  

“I wasn’t interested in seeing it but I probably will be interested in seeing it now.” Debbie, 39, Sale

An increasing amount felt they were more inclined to watch The Interview movie, great news for British cinemas. It appears the controversy around the film has raised the profile of the film amongst panel members that previously had little interest in going to watch the latest Seth Rogen film.

“The whole thing was in poor taste.” Elizabeth, 32, Sherbourne

The film subject is asking for trouble, a small proportion felt the film as a whole was a bad idea, making a mockery of specific eastern cultures.

Although there was a comparison between The Interview and other previously aired films like Team America and The Dictator; with many panel members speculating whether there was much of a difference between the subject matter of those films and The Interview.

The Interview will be released in cinemas across the UK on 6th February 2015.