Taliban school attack – How do we respond?

This week the world witnessed a terrible tragedy with the Taliban attacking a school in Pakistan killing 145. We wanted to know what our panel members thought would be a good response from the United Kingdom in light of this tragedy. Should other countries intervene or should we leave Pakistan to deal with the terror group?

The panel found this question to be a difficult one resulting in mixed opinions.

“I think this is very difficult for governments because really it should be left to the government of the country that something like this occurs in, however Pakistan doesn’t have the same resources as a country like the UK does.” (Elizabeth, 32, Sherborne)

These panel members were un-sure as to what the best thing to do would be. Many felt that we couldn’t just leave Pakistan to deal with the Taliban but at the same time getting involved could make the situation worse.

“This is a really impossible situation which has no simple solution.” (Erica, 44, Hornchurch)

Many of the panel felt that the UK getting involved would result in more complications.

“I don’t think we should respond. It’s not on our shores, I think we do too much around the world and we start making enemies of people.” (Craig, 42, Kingston upon Thames)

“I believe that as a country we shouldn’t get involved in other’s political situations, it just creates tension.” (Alan, 36, Hammersmith)

“I think intervening would make the situation worse. Especially if you try to control Pakistan which isn’t really your country  or place to do so.” (Apple, 20, Aylesbury)

“I think because the situation itself is so volatile because it has to do with internal conflict between tribes who dictate how areas are run, it has to be done within its own government.” (Zainab, 29, Birmingham)

“If the same sort of thing happened in this country I think we would feel that we would want to deal with the terrorists in the way that we wanted to rather than getting other countries to start wading in.” (Rupert, 42, London)

A few panel members however felt that other countries did need to get involved in order to help Pakistan and to carry on the fight against terror.

“I think other countries should intervene and make sure all the finances possible can be cut off from the Taliban.” (Sam, 63, Port Glasgow)

As you can see this question really tore our panel. Should we get involved and risk another war and put our own country in danger? But is it really ok to just sit back and watch such terrible tragedies happen?