Brand Review: Samsung

Samsung are one of the biggest players in the mobile technology and appliances market. The company is renowned for producing innovative products that are used by millions of people all over the world.  We asked our panel to review the brand and tell us their opinions by highlighting Samsung’s successes as well as noting potential areas for improvement.

Generally, the panel had an extremely positive opinion of the Samsung brand. The company’s presence world-wide instilled trust in their customers.

‘Everyone I know knows that brand’ (Susie, 27, Birmingham)

Our research showed that Samsung had a good reputation for designing and creating impressive technological features for their products. The features mentioned included: the Android operating system, camera quality, the screen size and display. Some members of the panel cited the iconic Samsung Curve 3D TV and the new Galaxy Edge as particular examples. The  panel didn’t just think Samsung were all about new technology features, they also thought the products had a desirable appearance.

‘Their technology is first rate so I’d definitely recommend them.’ (Terry, 65, Cwnbran)

‘They’re innovative with technology and jam-packed full of features’ (Martin, 36, Ormskirk)

‘They look smart, sophisticated and sleek!’ (Emilia, 24, Leatherhead)

In addition, a number of the panel stressed their confidence in the reliability of Samsung products. According to them, their experience had taught them that Samsung products were unlikely to break down or develop faults and, unlike many smart phones, they had good battery life.

‘I believe the products are reliable and consistent. Everything Samsung make seems to work properly and for a reasonable amount of time’ (Huw, 27, Pencoed)

‘What I’ve been most impressed with is the battery life of their phones’ (Nella, 26, Teddington)

‘Our fridge-freezer is getting on for 10 years old now and we’ve literally never had a single problem with it’ (Janine, 55, Chorley)

As expected, many of the panel were quick to compare Samsung to their biggest competitor, Apple. The battle between the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy for the best selling phone in the UK has been ongoing.

Some members of the panel maintained that the Apple iPhone was superior to all of the Samsung models. They felt that Apple’s technology was more advanced and preferred the design of the handsets.

‘The phones still look a bit cheap, a bit plastic. They need to look a bit more solid – like iPhones’ (Hannah, 21, Nailsea)

‘They’re just not cool like the Apple brand’ (Vickie, 44, Leeds)

However, many of the panel championed Samsung products over their competitors’. These panel members argued that the Samsung operating system was easy to use and the display was sharper.

‘They were well ahead with phone design, with a really big screen, and now the iPhone 6 has copied that’ (Tom, 26, Croydon)

‘Samsung is the only company I would chose for a mobile phone’ (Joe, 23, Oldham)

‘Samsung is a far better, classic design. They’re doing a good job of keeping up with a going beyond Apple’ (Arlene, 59, Belfast)

Following on from this, many thought that Samsung exceeded their competitors because of their presence in multiple markets.

‘They’re one of the few brands who have nailed a lot of markets in the electronics market’ (Tom, 22, Peterborough)

Samsung televisions were particularly popular, with over half of the panel claiming their models were the best available in terms of technological features and appearance.

‘They do the best TVs – they’re the best looking’ (Andrew, 34, Edinburgh)

‘My Samsung TV is exceptional. I love the TVs. That’s the only TV brand I would buy’ (Nana, 28, London)

The panel had various ideas for ways Samsung could improve their brand. Many respondents felt that the Samsung mobile phone brand would be improved if the operating system was more user friendly. Some even argued that Samsung were holding themselves back by relying on the Android system. They felt Samsung should strive to develop their own system, as Apple have done with iOS.

‘They could improve their service by being more user friendly and working on their interface’ (Jamie, 25, Cambridge)

Even amongst the positive reviews, people still thought that there was room for improvement. These reasons included; cheaper prices and longer warranties. In particular, a number of the panel highlighted that there seemed to be a lack of marketing and advertisements for Samsung products, except for their mobile phones.

‘They have a wide range or products than just mobiles, but they need to be more visible with these’ (Peter, 41, Slough)

Yet, for some members the variety of products available was also Samsung’s downfall. They said that Samsung’s incessant need to update their products and offerings left customers constantly feeling like the models they had purchased were out-of-date.

Overall the panel had a positive view of the Samsung brand. Even though Samsung clearly faced competition, people felt that the brand were well-established and leaders in the technology market.

‘Absolutely superb!’ (Les, 43, Carcroft)