Products at the tills

We are bombarded with offers at the shopping tills with products ranging from confectionary to batteries. But is this clever marketing strategy useful to remind us of those small items that we may have forgotten to pick up while going around the shop? Or is it simply an annoying  way of trying to persuade us to buy things that we don’t want or need?


Think it’s a harmless marketing ploy

We set this question to our panel and the majority agreed that they didn’t see much harm in shops promoting products at the tills. Some even found it useful for picking up forgotten bits and bobs. Many appreciated that shops needed to do whatever possible to sell items and convince people to buy more.

“I see absolutely nothing wrong with shops selling impulse purchases at the tills, it’s the natural thing to do, every business needs to get additional sales wherever they can.” (John, 69, Dumfries)

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with shops selling extra products at the till point. I work in retail myself and we do make quite a lot of extra sales from the till area, you’re not forcing somebody to buy something.” (Jennifer, 33, Manchester)

  • Hayley 34 Years Old

  • John 71 Years Old

  • Sarah 29 Years Old

“They are shops, they’re there to sell things. If you haven’t got the willpower to avoid something just because it is next to you at the till then don’t go into the shop.” (Hayley, 32, Lymm)

Many of the panel felt that selling things at the tills didn’t cause anyone any harm.  “I do think it’s a good idea, what’s the harm?” (Alice, 27, Hove)

A few members of the panel commented on buying things at the tills. “Yes I am always buying this there and it’s mainly confectionary…I always like to sneak in an odd bar of chocolate.” (Debbie, 39, Sale)

“I do buy the things that they have at the tills, I mean they are quite small items usually.” (Tom, 26, Croydon)

  • Tom 28 Years Old

  • Jihao 22 Years Old

  • Alice 29 Years Old


Items at the tills are useful

Many found that having items at the tills helped to remind them of things they may have forgotten to pick up.

“When they have little things that you might have forgotten in your shop I find it very useful.” (Rachel, 32, North Walsham)

  • Rachel 34 Years Old

  • Stephen 42 Years Old

  • Louise 33 Years Old


Find it irritating and annoying 

A few of the panel members did find items for sale at the till annoying and inconvenient. Others felt that it depended on the type of items being sold at the checkouts.

“I suppose where it’s really difficult is if you’ve got kids because you might avoid taking them to the sweetie aisle but of course you can’t avoid the checkouts…perhaps it is a bit naughty of shops, perhaps they shouldn’t do it but they’ve got to try and make every penny they can.” (Simon, 47, Brighton)

“I do think it depends on the type of product that they are trying to sell…If those offers are bad for you like sweets and fizzy drinks then I think it’s very bad.” (Mary, 66, Sheffield)

“I absolutely hate it when shops sell products on their tills, most of the time it’s just conversing people into buying things they don’t want.” (Nath, 20, Coventry)

  • Cheeragi 40 Years Old

  • LadyJennifer 33 Years Old

  • Helen 38 Years Old