Brand Review: Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the most successful drinks companies in the world, known for producing well-known soft drinks such as; Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Oasis, Powerade, Schweppes and many more. With all the different drinks and flavours that are avaliable, we asked our panel which Coca-Cola Company drink is their favourite. We also wanted to find out what people think about the Coca-Cola brand and where they feel the company could improve.

For many members of our panel, the original Coca-Cola drink was an unbeatable favourite. People felt it was impossible to replicate the delicious coke flavour. They claimed that the flavour of competitors’ drinks, such as Pepsi and supermarkets’ own brand coke, never tasted as good. Some people even stated that the diet variations made by Coca-Cola themselves lacked the distinctive flavour of original Coca-Cola.

‘I think the company should just stick to what they do best and churn out coke!’ (Christopher, 34, Westcliff-on-Sea)

Diet Coke came in second and was particularly popular amongst the female members of the panel. Sprite and Fanta were also cited by many of the panel as their favourite drink.

Over half of the panel felt extremely positively towards the Coca-Cola brand because of their delicious flavours and global status.

‘Coca-Cola as a brand is trustworthy, reliable and also very successful’ (Sam, 25, Cardiff)

‘People who drink Coke or Diet Coke also seem to only drink Coke – they’ve got amazing customer loyalty’ (Hayley, 32, Lymm)

In addition, people heralded the company’s marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. In particular, people praised the Share a Coke: Your Name on a Bottle campaign because it was fun, got people talking and, of course, encouraged more people to buy Coca-Cola. The annual Christmas Truck Advert was adored by lots of the panel as an iconic Christmas signifier. Several people also mentioned that they admired the way their advertising campaigns had helped promote sport all over the world.

‘As soon as people see the advert on TV for first time they say it feels like Christmas’ (Stephan, 22, Leeds)

‘The way they market and bring people together is a really good idea and enthuses a lot of community’ (Nico, 22, London)

However, there were a considerable amount of panel members who had concerns regarding the ethical profile of the company. People said they had heard stories about how water supplies in poorer countries had been contaminated by the work of Coca-Cola factories. They were also worried about the significant amount of water that was wasted during the production process.

‘I do have grave concerns about the ethics and values that this company have’ (Elizabeth, 32, Sherborne)

‘I’ve heard about how much water they use in their production process and that’s probably quite unethical’ (Tom, 25, Truro)

People also had concerns about the amount of sugar in Coca-Cola drinks. The majority of the panel voice their desire for the company to make healthier drinks and felt that this was a way the company could improve. Despite the wide range of diet drinks that Coca-Cola have produced, including the new Coke Life (which has striking green packaging), people were worried about the damaging chemicals that were in the diet drinks.

‘Try and improve some of the things in diet drinks so that it isn’t so hazardous to health’
(Faridah, 47, Swansea)

On the other hand, the members of the panel who said they loved the Coca-Cola brand and their products thought that the main way the company could improve was by reducing the price of their drinks. Furthermore, members of the panel who favoured the more exotic and unusual flavoured drinks, such as Raspberry and Cherry Coke, felt that the drinks should be made more widely available so that they could enjoy their favourite drink more frequently.

‘Sometimes when you travel the world you see different flavours in different countries, but they don’t sell them in England’ (Simon, 47, Brighton)

Overall, the panel had mixed opinions about the Coca-Cola brand. The majority of people loved the taste of the drinks. The most popular ideas for ways the company could improve their brand were; by making their drinks healthier, showing greater corporate responsibility and making their products both more affordable and accessible.