Brand Review: Walkers crisps

We asked our panel to tell us which was their favourite Walkers crisp flavour and how they felt towards the brand.

The most popular flavours seemed to be the old classics cheese & onion, ready salted and salt and vinegar.

“My favourite Walkers crisp is a simple one, salt & vinegar, best flavour there is from Walkers.” (Paul, 39, Hayes)

“The original cheese & onion, I just find that’s the most delicious in my opinion.” (Apple, 20, Aylesbury)

“My favourite flavour from Walkers is cheese & onion classic. I don’t like cheese & onion from any other brand, I only like it when it’s Walkers. They are delicious. I like Walkers as a brand, I think of them as a premium brand.” (Chloe, 31, Bromley)

  • Neil 55 Years Old

  • Paul 42 Years Old

  • Apple 22 Years Old

The majority of the panel felt positively towards the Walkers brand because they offer quality products at an affordable price.

“I really like the Walkers brand because you know what you are getting, a good tasting crisp and they are reasonably priced.” (Simon, 47, Brighton)

“If you buy Walkers crisps you’re getting something that’s good quality and it’s going to taste good.” (Erica, 47, Hornchurch)

  • Chloe 33 Years Old

  • Simon 49 Years Old

  • Janine 37 Years Old

There were some panel members however that enjoyed the more unusual flavours from Walkers including Ketchup and Worchester sauce.

  • Rosie 28 Years Old

  • Emma-Louise 25 Years Old

  • Emilia 27 Years Old

The panel also really enjoyed Walkers advertising campaigns with the appear of Gary Lineker.

“I really do like the Walkers crisp adverts, Gary Lineker is superb in doing them, he is extremely funny and it certainly raises the brand awareness for Walkers.” (John, 39, Dumfries)

  • John 71 Years Old

  • Debbie 41 Years Old

  • Zainab 28 Years Old

As demonstrated Walkers proved to be a very popular brand which many of the panel felt they had grown up enjoying.