Brand Review: Heinz

Heinz are a well known and trusted brand and are often said to taste better than any other competing products, hence their slogan “it must be Heinz.”

Heinz received a very positive reaction from our panel with the majority of the panel saying that they would always choice to buy Heinz over supermarket alternatives.

“Heinz will always be the one that is the superior brand.” (Chloe, 22, Manchester)

“I love everything Heinz, I love Heinz baked beans, their baked beans and sausages, I love Heinz ravioli and I love the Heinz spaghetti Bolognese and I would buy those over a supermarket brand any day.”   (Kerianne, 27, Crewkerne)

The most popular Heinz products amongst our panel proved to be their tomatoes ketchup, soups and their baked beans.


Baked Beans 

The panel felt that the sauce in Heinz baked beans couldn’t be beaten and although they were more expensive than alternative brands many still said that they would always choose Heinz.

“I wouldn’t buy any other brand of baked beans because I just don’t think they are as good.” (Emma-Louise, 23, Spalding)

“I won’t buy the own brand beans I always stick to Heinz. I really like the new different flavour beans like the 5 beans so you can get kidney beans etc.” (Rosie, 25, Wolverhampton)


Tomato Ketchup 

Heinz has long been seen as the brand that makes the best tomato Ketchup and is probably what they are most famous for with some people not being able to eat a meal without it.

“We are big fans of the Heinz brand in this house, mainly because my husband gets through pints of Heinz tomato ketchup and no other tomato ketchup will do and it’s the same with baked beans. Baked beans and tomato ketchup has to be Heinz.” (Helen, 35, Scunthorpe)

“Even on a student budget I still buy Heinz ketchup because it just tastes the best.” (Rachel, 20, Tidworth)

“Everyone in my family has voted that Heinz tomato ketchup is by far the best product, there isn’t another ketchup that comes close.” (Catherine, 38, Wisbech)

Another popular product with the panel was Heinz soups with their tomato soup getting a lot of mentions. Many associated Heinz soup with winter and being warm and cosy inside due to their adverts.


Many felt that Heinz was a step above the rest in terms of quality and flavour.

“The good thing about the Heinz brand is the quality of the food is really good.” (Apple, 20, Aylesbury)

“Heinz is one of those brands that we all know, we’ve all known since childhood, you can trust it, it’s reliable. You know it’s going to taste good.” (Erica, 47, Hornchurch)

“Heinz as a brand do very well, it’s very classic, instantly recognisable and their products do tend to taste the best, the adverts at the moment really seem to capture the essence of Heinz.” (Elizabeth, 32, Sherborne)

“I like the adverts, it’s very safe and cosy advertising which I kinda guess is what Heinz is, it’s very un-pretentious.” (Rosey, 34, London)

“I don’t buy un-branded products, I always buy Heinz, I think they do the best flavours.” (Chloe, 24, Staines)

The only negative thing that anyone in the panel had to say about Heinz was that their pricing was quite high.

“I don’t have a very good opinion of the Heinz brand, I just think it’s overpriced.” (Scarlett, 24, Stockport)

However many commented that although they thought the products were overpriced they would still buy them due to their quality and taste.

“I would sometimes buy the alternative in the supermarkets, the cheaper alternative, but I have to be honest they really don’t taste as good as Heinz.” (Sam, 63, Port Glasgow)