Brand Review: BT

We asked our panel what they thought of the BT brand. We wanted to know if they had used their services and if so what their experience had been like. We also wanted to find out what our panels thoughts were on BT as brand.

Our panel had mixed views on the BT brand with a mixture of happy and un-happy customers with it scoring -41.5 as its NPS score.


Happy Customers 

The customers that were happy with the service they are receiving from BT seemed to be particularly pleased with the speed of BT infinity broadband and the prices of their services.

“I’m very happy with the service, it’s a really good product, quick service on the broadband, relatively cheap, I’m happy with that.” (Craig, Kingston upon Thames, 42)

“I use infinity and I find it to be better than any other services out there. I’m very impressed with BT infinity.” (Marcel, Ashford, 28)

“Compared to sky they are a really good company to go with, I’ve had no problems with them.” (George, Ipswich, 23)


Un-happy Customers

A number of the panel members mentioned troubles that they had experienced with the BT service when moving houses, with the phone lines taking a long time to change over. Other complaints included overseas call centres, poor customer service, price and problems taking a long time to be fixed.

“I’ve been a customer of BT for the last 5 years but I am actually just leaving them, their costs are astronomical now compared to other providers.” (Elizabeth, Sherborne, 32)

Many felt that more flexibility on customers and their contracts would create a better service.


Thoughts on the BT brand 

Most of the panel felt that BT has a strong and well respected brand.

“BT have got a very strong brand. There’s a lot of people in the UK who would only go with them I think as they are seen as a good reliable company. I think in terms of innovation they are right at the front of the market.” (Janine, Chroley, 24)

“BT is a very good brand, I think they are faster than any other companies that do internet services.” (Apple, Aylesbury, 20)