Ad Review: Chanel No.5

Chanel have released a new advert for their iconic perfume No.5. The advert tells a tale of a modern women juggling her career and her relationships with being a mother. The advert is more like a short film with a longer 3 minute version available to watch online.

We wanted to know how our panel felt about this advert for the fashion powerhouse. The advert received mixed reviews with people either loving it or finding it over dramatic and confusing.


Loyal Chanel fans 

There were a number of loyal Chanel fans that found the advert to be sexy and seductive with a classy and glamorous feel which accurately represents the Chanel brand.  Many commented on the song used in the advert which was a reinvented version of a classic song from the musical Grease.

“I absolutely adore the new Chanel advert, it’s fabulous, the twist on Grease, it’s absolutely fabulous it makes me just want to go out and buy Chanel.” (Lauren Jane, 22, Luton)

“What an iconic brand and what an iconic song. Their adverts are more like movies or short films. They inspire you to go out and live your dreams. They give you what you want the perfume to give back” (Alice, 27, Hove)

Many seemed to love the Chanel brand and therefore would stay loyal and like anything they create. “Chanel is a well renowned and respected brand.” (Nikki, 39, Stafford)

“I love Chanel, I love the brand so much and I really like this advert…the advert makes me feel happy and want to find more love. It tells a great story.” (Apple, 20, Aylesbury)


Didn’t follow or enjoy the ad 

Some of the panel felt that the advert was over dramatic and found it hard to follow the rather ambitious story line.

A few found the song choice depressing and the whole advert to be quite negative.

“It doesn’t really have any point to it. It’s just full of sex appeal. It doesn’t really make me feel anymore positively towards Chanel.” (Emma-Louise, 23, Spalding)

“I don’t like the way it’s portraying women. It was a cliche thing that you would expect from a company like Chanel.” (Elizabeth, 32, Sherborne)


Wouldn’t be encouraged to buy Chanel products 

Many didn’t understand how the advert would encourage the viewer to purchase Chanel goods and the advert didn’t even show the perfume.

“I’m not really sure what the purpose of the story is…I don’t like the song choice, I don’t like the way it’s been reworked and slowed down. It certainly doesn’t make me want to go and buy a Chanel product.” (Chloe, 31, Bromley)

“I actually don’t like the Chanel advert. I find it really overdramatic and I don’t think it’s necessary. It actually puts me off from buying from a brand like that. It doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever.” (Katy, 23, Lowestaft)