Magazine Mayhem!

We wanted to find out what magazines our panel liked to read on a regular basis and if they had taken out subscriptions for these publications. The most popular magazines seemed to be women’s magazine and health magazines. Take a look at what our panel had to say about these genres of magazines.

Our female panel seemed particularly fond of women’s magazines that gave them information on fashion trends, beauty products and the celebrity interviews and stories. Favourite publications mentioned included Heat, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Take a Break.

“I really enjoy reading Women magazines and I have had a regular subscription for about two and a half to three years now for Cosmopolitan. I always look forward to that coming through the post and I have read it for many years and so decided to have the subscription.” (Nikki, Stafford, 39)

Another publication that seemed to be extremely popular with both male and female panel members was Men’s/Women’s Health. It seemed to be popular because of the wide variety of topics that the magazine covers with a particular insight into health and fitness tips.

“It covers all topics ranging from sport and fitness to also stuff about technology and fashion, it covers a wide range and that’s what I like to find in a magazine.” (David, 33, Hove)

Some of the female panel members liked that the magazine was less about fashion and celebrity culture than other magazines targeted at women.

“Really good health and fitness tips in there and unlike other magazines targeted at women it doesn’t have loads of fashion focus.” (Susie, 27, Birmingham)