Keeping fit and active

We all know that in order to lead a healthy lifestyle it’s important to stay active. We asked our panel what they do to keep fit, whether it’s going to the gym, running in local parks or simply using exercise DVDs to work out in the comfort of their own home.

Non-gym goers 

Most of the panel agreed that being fit and active was very important and something that they tried to give time to every week. The most popular way to stay active seemed to be choosing to walk instead of traveling by car or bus. A few of our panel commented that they didn’t like the gym as they preferred to exercise outside in the fresh air.

“Being stuck in a stuffy gym for hours isn’t very pleasant.” (Jennifer, 31, London)

These panel members don’t have gym memberships and prefer to do other activities to stay fit and healthy.

  • Elizabeth 34 Years Old

  • Emilia 27 Years Old

  • Tom 28 Years Old

Working out at home

A few of the panel felt that they didn’t have the time to visit a gym and instead preferred to work out at home using fitness DVDs.

“I workout in the house using DVDs and Youtube clips. I do 1-2 hours a day and I also like anything outside the house that keeps me fit.” (Laura, 36, Port Seton)

“I do a lot of Pilates at home. I don’t go to the gym because I find it boring. But I like doing exercise DVDs and classes.” (Emma-Louise, 23, Spalding)

  • Emma-Louise 25 Years Old

  • Laura 39 Years Old

  • Katie 27 Years Old

Gym Bunnies 

These panel members hit up the gym to stay fit and the majority mentioned doing exercise classes there.

“I usually do classes there, I do yoga, Pilates, body combat and I also use the equipment and the swimming pool.” (Antonia, 28, London)

“I do a lot of the Les Mills classes at the gym like Body Attack and Body Pump, I also do things like spin classes and body conditioning classes. I think it’s very important to keep in shape and it’s a good way to keep your weight down.” (Elizabeth, 34, Kettering)

The panel that did use the gym on average tried to use it more than three times a week to stay active.  People preferred gyms with long or 24 hour opening times so that they could fit the gym into their busy schedules.

“I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and I love going on the treadmill, it’s the best way to lose weight and to stay healthy and keep fit.” (Apple, 20, Aylesbury)

“The gym I go to is a 24 hour one and the reason I go there is because when you are working during the day you want to be able to go to the one in the night or when you are bored and are not doing anything.” (Mark, 23, Birmingham)

  • Antonia 30 Years Old

  • Angela 41 Years Old

  • Apple 22 Years Old

  • Mark 26 Years Old

  • Christopher 37 Years Old

  • Elizabeth 36 Years Old

The Runners 

A few of the panel members joined running clubs in a bid to stay fit and active. This allows them to be sociable while exercising and meeting people with a similar interest in running.

“I used to have a gym membership but it was just too expensive, I wasn’t using all the facilities and I decided in the end to become a member of a running club.” (George, 23, Ipswich)

  • George 25 Years Old

  • Hannah 34 Years Old

  • Zainab 28 Years Old