Ad Review: Nestle Fitness – Breast Cancer awareness

The cereal brand Nestle Fitness released an entertaining advert with a serious message. The advert shows a women going about her day with a camera placed inside her bra. The secret footage captures lots of people through out the day including other women and children taking a sneaky peek at the women’s breasts. The advert may project humor but the message is a serious one, suggesting that if other people are all checking out your boobs you should be checking them too for breast cancer.

We asked our panel members to watch the advert and voice their feelings and thoughts. The majority of our panel liked the advert finding it to be an entertaining and engaging way to draw attention  to an important issue. However some felt that such a serious topic should not be approached in such a way and that it was in fact quite derogatory towards women.

The panel members that liked the advert from Nestle found the advert refreshing in the way in which it approached the serious issue of cancer.

“It does it in a light-hearted and amusing way which is good because it helps to get the point across rather than your typical standard health advert.” (Kyle, Carlisle, 26)

“A really good advert, I really enjoyed it. People didn’t know where to look. It’s very poignant actually. It’s very relevant.” (Oriel, Epsom, 43)

Some of the panel felt that this advert helped to put women’s health in a positive light and felt that anything that raises awareness for breast cancer was a positive thing.

“Really fun way of getting across a very serious message.” (Christine, Crewe, 50)

“Obviously if everyone else is checking them out, the most important person to check them out is you.” (Elaine, Harpenden, 48)

This advert put the Nestle brand in a positive light as they seem to care about women’s health.

“Makes me think of the Nestle brand as sharp and witty and very clever at bringing your attention to a particular subject. I thought that ad was excellently done and really caught my attention.” (Jennifer, 31, London)

However most of the panel were unaware of the Nestle fitness brand and what it was. “A clever advert, raising a very important topic for women. So I thought it was clever and it held my interest…I don’t quite get what it has to do with Nestle fitness, I’ve never heard of Nestle fitness before.” (Philip, Wallsend, 26)

Some of the panel were less keen on the advert and found it to be a little offensive. “I don’t really like it. It sort of implies that people do look at women’s breasts a lot.” (Angela, Wellingborough, 39)

“I didn’t find that advert amusing at all. I thought it was really derogatory…I don’t see the connection and I think something as serious as cancer shouldn’t be treated or seen in this way.” (Zainab, 29, Birmingham)

Watch the advert below!