Brand Review: Subway

We asked our panel members to voice their opinions on the Subway brand. Many felt that Subway offered a fresh and healthy alternative to the other leading fast food retailers. “A fast food option that is a little bit healthier.” 

“A convient way to get a meal that’s filling and also healthy if you want it to be. I think the branding is really good and it’s a well known name.” (Janine, Chorley, 34)

Our panel gave Subway a respectful NPS score of -1.06 and most were happy with the brand and the service which it offers. It was mentioned a number of times that people liked the consistency of the Subway brand and therefore knew what to expect when visiting.

Many of the panel found Subway to be a modern brand that caters to the fast paced world which we live in, allowing busy people to get a nutritious and filling sandwich on the go.

“It’s fast, efficient, modern, contemporary, it reaches a modern audience.” (Tom, London, 20)

Subway seemed to be popular due to the freshness of the produce on offer and also due to the wide variety of filings they offer their customers. The panel liked being able to create their perfect sandwich, having total control over all the ingredients.

“Subway is one of the brands that I have always liked, they always offer fresh food, you pick what you want to go in your sub. It’s your choice rather than somebody else doing it for you.” (Margaret, High Wycombe, 35)

“The biggest thing that I like about them is that you can basically choose what you want to have in your sub. You can select as much salad as you like, mayonnaise and everything. I like that and the fact that everything is amazingly fresh.” (Erica, Hornchurch, 47)

Another popular feature of the Subway brand is their competitive prices.  “It’s one of the only places I can get a healthy option that will also fill me up. You can get an entire meal for half the price you could get anywhere else.” 

Along with their value for money, the speed of the service also impressed our panel and help the brand to be seen in a positive light.

“Subway is one of my favourite brands when I go out for lunch and want something quick and substantial it would be the place that I tend to go.” (Katie, Wallsend, 25)

“What I like about them is the offering they have is tasty and healthy. The food is always pretty fresh and the customer service is quick and helpful. I really like the loyalty card, I think that’s a good idea.” (Paul, Hayes, 39)

Many felt that Subway offered healthy options that were also filling. Many mentioned the £3 lunch deals and being particularly fond of the low cal sub options.

“I like that they do low cal subways – they offer a lot of variety which I really like and I also like that I can choose anything in there and they are very quick.” (Zainab, Birmingham, 29)

There were a number of improvements that our panel suggested would improve Subway’s customer experience. This included adding more ingredients to the salad bars, providing better quality meat and providing special food for dietary requirements like gluten free bread and more vegetarian options. Some also felt that the subs were overpriced as they seemed to be more bread than anything else.

These users all felt that improvements needed to be made in order to encourage them to eat more often from the Subway brand.

“I would like to see more vegetarian options with corn or tofu products.” (Nikki, Stafford, 39)