Brand Review: BMW

We asked our panel for their opinions of the BMW brand of cars. Most felt positively towards the brand but also felt that they were cars that they would never buy due to their price and their association with aggressive drivers ‘who think they rule the road’.

Here are some words which our panel members used to describe the BMW brand.

Many felt that BMW produced high quality cars. Some mentioned finding the exterior of the cars to be visually pleasing but suggested that perhaps the interiors needed to be improved with some finding it to be disappointing.

“I think of BMW as being quite a high end brand in terms of cars. I think their cars are sleek, they have nice features and they look good, so overall I have a good impression.” (Chloe, Bromley, 31)

“It epitomises quality, style, luxury and prestige. It’s been around a long time. You know when you get a BMW car it’s built to last, it’s comfortable and stylish.” (Craig, Kingston upon Thames, 42)

Comparisons were made with other luxury car brands such as Audi and Mercedes. “Quite a high class brand of car, it’s up there with the likes of Mercedes and Audi.” (Elizabeth, Sherborne, 32)

“BMW are a really luxury car brand, they are premium in the quality that you get. You know that when you buy a BMW you’re going to get absolutely the best in terms of specification of the engine. I guess the look of the car, for me is what they are doing really well.” (Janine, Chorley)

Other panel members were less keen on the BMW brand due to their price and image. Some also felt that they didn’t provide cars that were big enough for large families.

“They aren’t the kind of car that I would particularly like to drive, which is a good thin because they are so expensive I couldn’t afford one anyway, but I do think they are very prestigious cars that are desirable.” (Philip, Wallsend, 26)

Many felt that BMW could improve by making themselves a more accessible brand. Suggestions included bringing out a seven seater car for families and having a cheaper more basic car as an option for people with lower incomes. This would also satisfy one of the panel members who wanted to buy a BMW for her teenage kids to learn to drive in but found that all their cars are in high insurance bands.

“They obviously excel highly when it comes to upmarket cars. I think in terms of improving they could be a bit more accessible to different kinds of people.” (Katie, Wallsend, 25)