We wanted to find out from our panel of UK consumers what their opinions are of the banking brand Barclays. We wanted to find out the reason behind the NPS score awarded to Barclays by the panel.

From our initial NPS analysis, it seems Barclays customers are satisfied with the services offered, resulting in positive NPS score of 17.4.

“Generally speaking the service is good value for money, they have different range of services, for example online banking app is awesome” (Mardon, Tashkent).

What really impressed our panel is the fact that both the online banking and the Barclays App are easy to use and they feel safe and secure using them.

I am very pleased of the services offered from them, the service such as Pingit, I found it very useful and I use it a lot” (Jhovan, Romford).

I do banking online and I found their App user friendly” (Alan, Ealing).

However, most also felt that there were areas in which Barclays could improve on, these included costs on overdraft charges and interest earned. “I have never found them to be a bad bank to be honest but, recently I have been penalised to use the overdraft facility” (Kat, Chester). Moreover, some of the unhappy customers claimed that the thing that stops them changing bank is that switching is a big hassle and therefore they just stay with a service they are not content with.