Brand Review: Nike

We asked our panel members to tell us about their thoughts on the Nike brand. They were in agreement that Nike is an internationally well known brand with a reputation for good quality sportswear. Nike received a respectable NPS score of 5 by our panel members.


Nike was seen as an aspirational brand mainly because of their high profile celebrity endorsements and their responsibly high prices.  Many felt that Nike offered a combination of quality sportswear with fashionable design with their modern designs and bright colour schemes. This was something that seemed place Nike above and beyond other sports brands in our panels eyes. Our panel especially liked the fact that you could personalise and design your own trainers, something that they thought could be extended into their other products.

“They are very consistent. Their style has stayed very similar. They are always on trend.” (Katie, Wallsend, 25)

However some of the panel felt that Nike’s focus on fashion meant they jeopardised their sporting creditability by attracting the wrong cliental.

“My impression is that Nike is a fashion sportswear brand. It’s a premium item that tends to be worn by people who want to look cool…they do attract people from a wide age spectrum…but what they need to improve is price, I’m not prepared to pay extra to have their logos on my clothes or my shoes when I think the actual products are the same quality as things you can buy cheaper.” (Janine, Chorley, 34)

Nike’s trainers were partially popular and mentioned by almost all the panel members. Many felt that Nike products were worth the money due to being of a high quality.

“For me Nike are doing a very good job. They make great products…what you get is good quality, reasonably good priced and reliability, it’s going to last a long time.” (Craig Kingston upon Thames, 42)

These panel members were advocates of the Nike brand.

“In my opinion Nike are one of the best sporting brands in the world. They are obviously doing something right from the fact that they are so popular.” (Susie, Birmingham, 27)

Many felt that they could trust Nike products and knew that what they were buying would be of a certain quality. Many also mentioned Nike as having good marketing campaigns with lots of celebrity endorsements that helped the brand to gain its reputation.

“I definitely would recommend Nike. I have good quality stuff from them. The footwear especially is amazing.” (Tom, Croydon, 26)

Some of the panel members were less keen on the Nike brand. There were a number of reasons for this including the ethical debate over where and how Nike’s products are being made. Some of the panel voiced their concern over buying Nike products as they do not wish to encourage sweatshops and child labour.

Another problem some had with Nike was the price of it’s products being too high compared to other sport brands.

“I don’t think they really differentiate themselves from any other similar brands. If I saw two products I wouldn’t be able to say that’s definitely Nike.” (Emily, Leeds, 27)

Some also didn’t like the logo’s on all of Nike’s clothes as they felt like a walking advertisement. “You want to just buy a plain black bag and you can’t because there’s a massive Nike logo right on the side.” (Ray, Dundee, 24)