Brand Review: Virgin Media

We wanted to know our panels opinions on the Virgin Media brand and the entertainment packages they provide. Virgin Media gained a NPS score of -25.12 from our panel.


The panel seemed to have mixed opinions when it came to the Virgin media brand. Many did mention their fondness of Richard Branson as the front man of the brand. People also seemed to like Virgin’s advertising campaigns which include popular famous faces such as David Tenant. “I love David Tenant in the adverts.” 

“I get the impression that they are a good company. I like Richard Branson, I think he’s a good public figure. Their advertising is always very amusing and does encourage me to use their products more.” (Rob, Shrewsbury, 24)

The panel members that were fans of Virgin Media liked the speed of internet provided and the TV packages that offer a wide range of programmes and films. Their student package was also mentioned with it’s 9 months broadband packages going down well with the panel.

“They do internet specifically for students, I don’t know many internet companies that offer that package.” (Apple, Aylesbury, 20)

However many did suggest that were Virgin Media might improve would be to work on their accessibility.

“They are doing really well with internet speed and choice of tv channels but maybe they need to improve on customer service and accessibility.” (Daisy, London, 27)

“They have got it all…the only downside unfortunately is it’s not as widely available as it could be.” (Gavin, Cumbran, 42)

There were many comparisons made between Virgin media and Sky TV packages. Many felt that Virgin offered a more competitive price plan with Sky being seen as more expensive. However Sky seemed to be more widely available than Virgin Media.

“I did get fed up with Sky because they were charging me a huge fortune.” (Elaine, Harpenden, 48)

Some people preferred the layout and style of Sky over Virgin Media, finding its layout too complicated.

“I recently moved from Sky to Virgin Media…the layout of it is really complicated, there’s a lot of clicks to get to anything. It’s really unfriendly and when you try to call the call centre there is always a 15 minute wait.” (Caroline, Chislehurst, 40)

People also complained about the Virgin media service crashing and the amount of flyers they seemed to receive in the post from the company.