PM reveals new GP scheme set for 2020

David Cameron has announced a new scheme which will see GP surgeries having longer opening hours and weekend availability by 2020.  According to Cameron GP surgeries will be opened from 8am-8pm 7 days a week. We wanted to find out what our panels thoughts were on this new idea and about their past experiences with their own GP surgeries.

Most of the panel were in agreement that in theory this was a good idea to come from the PM with 78% of the panel feeling positively towards the scheme. However some doubted if it was actually doable or if it would just stretch the NHS to new heights. Many felt that when implemented the scheme would surely fail due to too much pressure on the health service.


“I can absolutely see the logic in opening doctors surgeries 7 days a week. I think the world is now just open 7 days a week although I don’t necessarily agree with it, I think Sundays should still be a day off but that’s not the way the world is going so therefore there is a need for doctors and the NHS to catch up, but it will put a massive strain on the NHS financially.” (Philip, 26, Wallsend)

Having a named GP service was something that went down partially well with the panel. Many commented that it would be nice to see a familiar doctor who was aware of their medical history instead of having to see a different doctor for every appointment. However this concept was again called into question with the panel wondering where all these GPs would be coming from and if they be expected to work very long hours?

“It’s a very good idea, however I can’t actually see that it will work. They are saying they are going to give you a named GP but are you really telling me that a GP is going to be working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.” (Craig, 42, Kingston upon Thames)

These panel members were very much in favour of the new scheme and couldn’t wait for it to be put into place. “It’s exactly what we need and I fully support it.” (Kiran, 19, London)

“I think it’s a great idea. Sometimes it’s a massive problem for people who work full time to see a GP, you have to take time off work.” (Emmanouil, 36, London)

However some of our panel expressed satisfaction with their current GP service and therefore weren’t as interested by this proposed change as they were already content with the current service provided.

“My experiences with the GPs are absolutely amazing. I’ve got no complaints. I feel that the service is run to a high standard and they are very helpful and very effective in the way that they work.” (Jhovan, 26, Romford)

Others were less keen on the idea and thought it was an unrealistic scheme that perhaps was just being suggested to win favour for the Tory party. “I really like this idea in theory but think it’s not something that will be easily implemented. My main concern is that the quality of the service will drop because GPs are pushed and pressed enough as they are. I just don’t see how it’s going to work.” (Kathryn, 34, Edinburgh)