Instore music. Does it enhance or dampen your shopping experience?

We wanted to know if our panel thought music playing in shops would have an effect on their buying habits. If customers are enjoying the music are they more likely to stay longer and spend more in a store?

Our panel members had a very mixed view on background music in stores. Many felt that it all depended on the volume and genre of the music playing. Many felt that if they liked the music playing they would stay longer in a shop, however if they disliked the music playing they would be likely to leave. Therefore music playing in stores had to potential to make you spend more or less.

Our panel explained that they would expect different genres of music from different stores. For example they would expect quite relaxing music in a department store, but loud pop or dance music in some of the shops aimed at a younger audience.

“The music needs to fit the sort of store…I suppose it does make you want to buy more…it makes you want to stay there and buy more stuff.” (Simon, Brighton, 46)

The majority of the panel admitted to enjoying a little music when shopping at long as it wasn’t too loud and intrusive. “In clothes stores when you have up to date music it gets you in a funky mood. It makes the shopping experience more enjoyable and you probably spend a little more really.” (Lesley, Harwich, 23)

Some of the panel had mixed views on music playing in stores. Again commenting that it had to be the right music at the right volume. “It can make the whole experience a lot nicer really but it has to be the right kind of music.” (Emily, Leeds, 27)

“It can make your experience pleasant or un-pleasant depending on what type of music is playing.” (Alal, Dagenham, 37)

Other members of the panel actively disliked music playing while they were shopping and felt that it could often result in them spending less time and money in a store.  Christmas music was listed by many as the most annoying type of background music to listen to while shopping in a store.