Brand Review: Cadbury

We asked our panel about their thoughts on the Cadbury Brand. Asking them to think of their product offerings and advertising campaigns. We wanted to know from our panel where they think Cadbury are excelling and where perhaps they need to improve their offering.

Cadbury came off very well with the majority of the panel speaking very positively about the well known and loved brand.

I really like Cadbury chocolate; it’s probably my favourite chocolate ever, so nice and delicious!” (Tiffany, Warrington)

Although the panel members mentioned many Cadbury products the  Marvellous Creations range stood out as a new favourite. “Marvellous Creation is amazing, I love it, and it is vegetarian as well. I am so happy that it’s vegetarian!” (Vicky, Croydon).

Cadbury’s advertising was also a hit with our panel. The majority of the panel had a positive feeling toward the latest Cadbury adverts. With of course the gorilla Phil Collins advert getting its fair share of mentions.“It’s absolutely an amazing advert, who ever does the advert need a medal.” (Tim, Gosport)

They create Innovative and memorable advertising ”(Chloe, Bromley).

A smaller number of the panel had a lower opinion of the Cadbury products with the quality of the chocolate coming into question. “Although Cadbury is the number one rated chocolate brand, there are other chocolate companies that produce better products” (Andrew,  Daventry).

Our panel also mentioned the Cadbury brand image undergoing some changes since being taken over by the American company Kraft “Since has been taken over by Craft, I don’t buy anymore Cadbury products” (Nicki, Sutton)