Brand Review: Burger King

We asked our panel to tell us about their opinion and experiences with Burger King. We wanted to know what appealed to them about the brand and in what areas they thought they could improve on.

70% of the panel had generally positive experiences with Burger King remarking that “The food is good quality, tasty and the service is efficient” (Fil, Chesterfield).


It was interesting to see that the majority of our panel tended to compare Burger King with the other popular fast food brand, McDonald’s in term of service provided, price, product and location.

 Where Burger King could improve…



While Burger King stand out for the quality of its products offered, many commented that it seems overpriced when compared with McDonald.

80% of the panel claimed that Burger King is expensive and doesn’t offer good meal promotions. “Some of the food is getting more expensive now, for a full meal it is £6 and I have to work one hour just to get enough for one meal! It’s crazy!” (Storm, Darlington).

They don’t have cheap meals while other brands have low cost meals offering something for just a pound” (Mikaella, Portsmouth)


Another improvement our panel believed could be made was to do with the location of Burger Kings. It became apparent that perhaps Burger King isn’t as widespread as other fast food chains. Many of the panel commented that it was rare for them to go to a Burger King because they didn’t live near enough to one.

There are not as many Burger King as McDonalds “(Simone, Portsmouth).


30% of our panel claimed that that Burger King’s cleanliness is something that needed to be improved. “Overall the hygiene and cleanness is quite debatable and questionable” (Mardon, Tashkent).

In addition, 10% of the panel complained about the slowness of service. “The service was really slow, there wasn’t enough staff” (Susie, Birmingham).