Brand Review: Kellogg’s

We asked our panel what their thoughts were on the well established Kellogg’s brand. Many agreed that for them Kellogg’s stood for quality,  “You know that you are getting a good product if you buy Kelloggs.” The panel also commented that they liked Kellogg’s due to their large range of products, with something to suit everyone.

This quality was reflected in the NPS score that our panel gave Kellogg’s.


“Kelloggs is a brilliant brand. Very trustworthy, very high quality, myself and my grandchildren eat Kellogg’s all the time.” (Sam, Port Glasgow, 63)

Many felt that Kellogg’s has a strong affliction with families, especially catering to young children.  “They do tend to appeal to a younger child audience really.” (Rupert, London, 42) Many of the panel had grown up with Kellogg’s cereals. They did comment that they felt the lack of kids adverts and toys etc included in the cereal was a shame as this was something that they had remembered from their own childhoods.

The panel thought of Kellogg’s as a traditional British brand with strong British values at its heart. “I trust them. They are very traditional.” (Simon Maidstone, 41)

A few of the panel felt that Kellogg’s needed to bring out a new product, suggesting that the brand perhaps is in need of an update. “They need to bring something new out. We haven’t had anything new for a little bit.” (Tim, Bangor, 48)

“I think of Kellogg’s  as being a bit of an old fashioned brand. They haven’t really bought out any new cereals as far as I’m aware.” (Elizabeth, Kettering, 34)

However some of the panel disagreed commenting on how Kellogg’s has such a variety of products with something for everyone to enjoy.  “I like their constant innovation, their constant supply of new products which are needed to keep the market fresh.” (John, Dunfries, 68)

The panel were in agreement that most people when thinking of breakfast would automatically think of Kellogg’s cereal and that they didn’t even need recommending because everyone would be aware of them. “Kellogg’s as a brand is a national institution…probably the nations best known breakfast cereal.” (Rob, Colchester, 37)

The biggest criticism of the Kellogg’s brand was about the price of their products. With many opting for the supermarkets own brand versions in order to save money. “They are always the higher end on the shelf. There are a lot of supermarket brands that emulate the same products for about a third of the price.” (Chris, Midsomer Norton, 31)